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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w41aec05nuI My deadlift numbers are going up while my squats are remaining the same. They have actually gone down a bit in the last year. Ryan has already given me some excellent advice to improve my form here. More suggestions are welcome.
  2. You're spot on - Ryan told me almost the same thing. The initial pull is where I feel the weakest. I feel like I'm not driving completely with my legs, and I'm slightly hunched over. My legs will probably be wrecked for a few days. I'll try to get some better footage next week.
  3. So a fast lockout is bad? I know my form is pretty poor on this. That was my 7th set - i was pretty beat. Thanks for the headsup
  4. i eat 2 or 3 larabars a day, and/or sometimes a couple organic food bars. youre saying this is unhealthy? there's only a couple ingredients in them, and it helps me get in more calories.
  5. 1 packet of amazing grass green superfood pistachios sunflower seeds pepitas cranberries chopped apricots cinnamon
  6. May 12, 2009 ** superset of barbell curls, and db press ** bb curl 10x40 8x50 6x70 6x70 6x70 with hammers: 4x40 5x70 with hammers: 6x25 5x70 with hammers: 6x20 hammers: 6x20 db press 8x35 6x45 6x45 6x45 6x45 6x45 flys 8x83 8x83 5x92 5x92 5x92 calf raises 3x6x100
  7. I've been lifting, and eating - just haven't been keeping up with logging everything. Monday May 11, 2009 current body weight: 140lbs (63.5kg) squats 7x135(61.2kg) 7x135(61.2kg) 4x185(83.9kg) 4x185(83.9kg) 4x185(83.9kg) 3x195(88.4kg) 2x195(88.4kg) 2x195(88.4kg) deads 8x135(61.2kg) 8x135(61.2kg) 6x185(83.9kg) 6x205(92.9kg) 6x205(92.9kg) 3x275(124.7kg) 2x285(129.2kg) 2x285(129.2kg) 2x285(129.2kg)
  8. Didn't mean to offend. I was just posing a question. I don't buy into all the litter on the label - i just think it taste good when I crave something carbonated.
  9. Don't you think the health benefits far exceed the miniscule percent of alcohol?
  10. So good. I hate when you get a flat one though. I want that sucker to explode, and spew lactobacilli all over the place when you open it. Robert, what brand/flavor are you into? I've only had GT's. My favorite flavors are divine grape, passionberry bliss, and mystic mango. Whole Foods is the only place that sells them around here, and they cost $3.69
  11. Woah! squatting 90,7kg and DL'ing 127kg at a body weight of 63 is impressive! really? I think I should be lifting a bit more since I gained some weight.
  12. ahhhh, don't tempt. this is what scares me
  13. Thanks. I'll get on the progress pictures. There's not much to see though. I still look very small.
  14. Holy smokes - no longer 118lbs(53.5kg). About 4.5 months ago I eased up on tracking my macros, and continued to lift heavy. I'm upto 140lbs(63.5kg) now. I feel much better, and less stressed. Although, I still feel kinda weak, and look wimpy, but it's a start. My lower body is feeling much stronger - while my upper half is still lacking. Oddly, my squats have gone down to around 200lbs(90.7kg), and deadlifts have shot up to 280lbs(127kg). I've been popping in and out of here, but haven't been participating as much. Hope everyone is doing well.
  15. Just had a superfood slam - so good. I wish they weren't $3.69 though. I think I'll have to stick to larabars, and organic food bars.
  16. http://www.cellisfitness.com/thumb/300/barready.jpg That right there says it all. Doesn't Steve MacDonald lift at your gym? I'd swear the video of him doing a 700 lb. x 7 rep deadlift set was filmed on that platform. Good stuff! Sure does.
  17. Guys at the gym I belong to are pulling this kind of weight. http://www.cellisfitness.com
  18. I knew people who used to drink while lifting. Anyway, I maybe have 1 beer a month - if that.
  19. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3583/3453782678_96a1c4dc61_o.jpg
  20. I fear that i'll be hooked on these things so I've yet to try them. Plus the price is a bit hefty for me. Also, the fat, and saturated fat seem awfully high. Am I missing something here? 25g of fat 5g of saturated fat, what the...
  21. I have almond butter, and cinnamon, on ezekiel sesame toast almond every day. so good.
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