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  1. you can get the same high antioxident content from palm fruit or hibiscus. elder berries. black currants. honestly, most berries are super high. i think that goji berries are a successful marketing ploy. with the amount available, the price should come down. if they tasted better or were prooven to grow ten pounds of muscle, i would eat them at this price, but unless that happens, i agree with whoever said it above... i only snag them from friends...
  2. I suppose I make it relatively difficult on the guys who'd like to date me. I only eat at vegetarian restaurants. Or at least, I have intentionally only eaten at them for over 5 years now.. Granted I would love to see what I could do with a salad at a mainstream restaurant; I really like going to veggie only places/raw food cafe's, to open my date up to what there really is the eat out there. To show them it's not all lettuce and tomatoes i'm the same way. in fact, the only non veg restaurants i've eaten at in as long as i can remember have been when i was out of town (as i am now). like now, i'm in memphis, TN. no veg places nearby. there's a wild oats, or else i would probably starve. but i like ordering the salads with no cheese and watching the waiters down here look at me as if i have asked them to cook and serve me their first born child. and i ordered my dad something with tofu at a taco place called moes. that kid behind the counter looked like he was going to vomit! all acne covered and overweight. i didn't even bother to explain. but when he asked why i liked tofu, i said (honestly) that i didn't and it was for someone else. that shut him up. anyway. in LA i find that most hot girls (sorry to be a guy now)... anyway, most hot girls who are in my profession (film/tv) are vegetarians or vegans. there are some of the atkins persuasion, but they are easy to sway, as they are really only concerned about how they look. thank god demi moore looks as hot as she does, because that makes it easy to convince young actresses that raw diet is something the should look at seriously. i can't remember what my point was, so i will end it here i s'pose. oh yeah, tomorrow night i'm going to a raw food support group meeting at wild oats in Memphis. i'll make a new thread next time i'm on the net and post some of what i 'learn' .....
  3. potter, what are you talking about? they're great! and even if you don't like the taste, you eat them because of their ridiculous protein content! it's like over 50% protein in those things (granted they have very little caloric content, but still!)
  4. here's joe eigo: he's in toronto. what's with the canadians?
  5. this video is simply awesome!! i already do three of these things, but the rest!! i will be getting on this stuff tomorrow. i'm going to make my pilates class do this stuff lol where would one go about getting that wheel thing he used? that's called chi push ups, and supposedly some monks can do it. alternatively, jack black calls it cock pushups, but he can only do one
  6. you could try adding electrolytes. i do that. but yeah, i agree with all above. drinking water improves performance and you feel better.
  7. it all depends on the person i think. i never do anything different. but i know some people who will only eat protein for the day before. or they starve. or who have other weird rituals. one male model friend works out like hell the morning of the shoot. and he's always doing flexing/calastenics(sp?)/cruncjes during the shoot to keep his muscles full of blood. but he's concerned with his washboard abs and veins and such. so i guess there is no one way of preparing. being relxed and trying to have as much fun as possible is the best bet for most people.
  8. interesting. do/did you get fresh spirulina? also, do you drink "vegan" bear? don't know why it matters, but still curious. man, 80 lbs in 9 months!! and i was impressed when my mom lost 35!!
  9. that's hilarious! this site is really getting into your subconsious then! dunno about the mass. what are you're stats? height/weight/age? mass gain will and should be different for different body types.
  10. I'm a pretty lazy vegan though. Do you think I'll be fine? ummm...... too lazy to check your stool?? j/k you might try VegLife's vegan one multi. i think it's iron-free. http://veganessentials.com/catalog/multi-veg-vitamin-and-mineral-complex-by-veglife.htm if you scroll down that page, there are lots of different vegan multis there.
  11. is she single? i would like to marry her! seriously! she's beautiful! actually not seriously... marriage is too old fashined for me.... but that's another discussion thread. 92 days!!!! andesuma's 30 day water fast starts to sound easy now not really but still.....
  12. boo! andesuma! buy raw agave instead of raw honey! stop bee enslavement! or stick with the honey... but i think that makes you a beegan instead of a vegan. according to one issue of herbivore anyway... what exactly is liquid chlorophyl? is it from algae? is it still living/bioactive?
  13. well for me, the gluten thing was pretty specific. i'm not a celiac (google it) but i think i'm close. now when i eat anything with gluten, my throat swells and i have trouble swallowing it. so i know to spit it out. but i used to eat a lot of gluten stuff as a kid and my throat wasn't quite as bad *or maybe i just didn't pay attention). i could not gain weight. in fact, i dropped it a lot. and dropped muscle mass. and i always thought i had bloating problems, but after i isolated this allergy i realized that my intestines were swelling up just like my throat. i know it wasn't celiacs cuz it never put me in the hospital and i had no trouble growing (6' by the age of 12). i just couldn't gain weight. basically, since my intestines were freaking out about the gluten, i wasn't absorbing the right amount of nutrients. with soy, the allergy is pretty straightforward. i eat soy, my face breaks out. this includes soy oil, soy lecithin, soy natural flavors, even foods cooked in the same pan as something with soy. if i eat a ton of soy, i get cold like symptoms (kind of like hayfever). lots of mucous, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, aches. for years i thought i was allergic to chocolate, but once i isolated the soy allergy, i realized that most american chocolates have soy lecithin. so if i eat dark chocolates with no soy lecithin, there is no problem. again, raw helps here cuz nibs or cocoa powder plus dates equals an awesome chocolate bar. not that anyone here is eating it, but dairy is my worst allergy. i will actually run a high fever (105!) and shake. i will get achy all over with flu like symptoms. the dairy comes out the other end pretty fast too. this one runs in the family. omg! what a horrible unintended pun! anyway, my mom's side is part cherokee and none of us can do dairy without getting digestive problems, though my allergy is the worst. (i have read in multiple places that vast numbers of native americans can't eat cow's milk without complications....) anyway, you'll have to do an elimination/isolation diet. it does take about two weeks for the stuff to cycle out enough to see a difference. then you can only add one thing at a time. treat wheat as separate from gluten. so instead of wheat eat only oat, barley, and maybe rye, kamut, and spelt. then soy. corn is another common problem for digestion. and i guess you can isolate tree nuts and peanuts too. but you'd probably already know if you were allergic to those because they usually cause trachial/bronchial swelling. really? don't you hate how a lot of raw chefs insist on putting nama in everything? is miso raw?? if it is, then the miso man (actual brand name) sells a chickpea miso that is vegan/organic and soy free. i have some and it's great for salad dressing. just add some lemon and maybe some agave. perfecto! i added some to some black surrant kuice once and it tasted and smelled like wine, so that was interesting.... anyway. let's see... grains. i can't eat regular quinoa. only the red variety. dunno why. it has a lot of natural pesticides on it, so maybe my stomach doesn't like them. i know that it gives me a lot of gas so i avoid it. but buckwheat never gives me any problems. it's a complete protein and it's cheap. plus it sprouts in a days, so i eat it a lot. but i know how there are raw theories about cutting all starches. i'm not willing to go that far though.... i don't think i posted this tipic before (the grains... is that what you were referring to? yeah, this is probably the first i've mentioned it here...)
  14. almost all restaurants have salads. or at least pick someplace that does. well for me, dating and vegnaism or rawism is nothing special. i guess being in LA, everyone is used to every kind of diet imaginable. i've dated omnivores, junkfood whores, vegetarians, and vegans. never dated someone who was specifically raw, but most of the vegans/vegetarians and even some of the omnivores really like the raw restaurants here in LA. everyone always (ALWAYS) says how energized and fresh they feel afterwards. so... hmm..... dunno what my contribution to this convo is really. guess my thoughts are that it depends on the type of people in the dating pool you're fishing. i just remembered about one girl who was wild about me but she smoked, drank a lot, and ate all sorts of junk. so i didn't want to date her. then i didn't see her for like a year. suddenly i ran into her and she had stopped smoking, cut back on alcohol, gone vegan and was eating hi-raw! what the heck? i'm not arrogant enough to think i did that, but i like to think that i at least set a good example.
  15. and branch out to others greens. i had a salad earlier today with red mustard greens in it. they were great. tasted a little like horse radish or hot chinese mustard, but they were delish!
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