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  1. if you have sinus problems and lots of thick mucous, you should definitely cut ALL dairy out of your diet. All of it. Dairy products cause the body to produce lots of extra mucous, and it's thicker than normal. you might also want to try cutting out gluten, or at least wheat. Gluten causes a thickening of the mucous. When i was a little kid i had similar problems to you, but i found that i was allergic to gluten enough that it was causing those problems. I knew i was allergic to milk, but i ate some dairy anyway. Once i cut out those two things, i stopped having sinus problems completely. No sinus problems at all. And I can't even remember the last time i was sick. Okay, detox Monday. I wonder which one I will do... I'll check the other thread now...
  2. did you supplement with vitamins or powders or anything? just curious.
  3. i find the name of this product very funny. it makes me laugh with a french accent. i dunno why... just, a drink called my opinion is funny to me... i know it is Mona Life, but still...
  4. exikiak?! wtf was i typing? it should have read ezekial. that will teach me to type with one hand while holding my burrito in the other...
  5. what's a reasonable price range to pay for something like this?
  6. EDIT: i had posted questions about your upcoming detox but found the other thread and posted there instead. andesuma: that's super impressive. 30 days gave you strength, resilience and self-confidence. i guess that's why you always sound so strong and authoratative (in a good way... that sounds kind of stark the way i stated it). anyway... still very impressed. i'll have to research fasting and see if i might be able to do it.
  7. well, pretty soon all of the cell phone and land phone companies will be one big company. my cingular bill now says at&t. but i'm thinking of switching to these guys: http://www.workingassetswireless.com/ have any of you heard of them. they avertise in the nation and on air america. i'd be willing to bet they are pretty 'vegan' and don't sponsor rodeos. while i'm at it, this is probably the most green and vegan internet provider around: http://www.redjellyfish.net/
  8. those look and sound great! is it an exekiak sprouted grain tortilla? that;s what it looks like to me...
  9. andesuma, you did a 30 day water fast???!!! i'm fairly certain i would have severe problems if i tried that. not only could i not work out at all, i'd have to meditate all day just to conserve energy. and even then, i have such a fast metabolism that my body would not allow me to do anything remotely like 30 days. if i don't eat anything for one day i lose between 4 and 6 pounds. i have no idea how you did 30 days. you're like ghandi!! matty: as to this ammonia thing... specifically ammonia? do you taste it? and/or does your breath smell like ammonia to others? if so, that can actually be a sign of some other serious problems. but if no one else smells it and you're smelling it on your own, then i'm sure it's like what the others have said and you're just experiencing normal detox. bodybrushing: http://www.care2.com/channels/solutions/self/684 as to the strange smells in the air when going raw... andesuma wrote a few weeks ago about going fruitarian and experiencing hightened smell. so this weekend, i at nothing but fresh fruit. only whole fresh fruits for me. that was a lot of fruit. it was hard because i was constantly hungry. literally, my stomach was growling constantly. even when eating. i went to a museum showing and it was pretty audible there. seriously, if i hadn't had these little clementine tangerines in my bag to eat constantly, i would have probably chewed my hand off. anyway.... about the smells. on saturday a college buddy was over and we went to a movie. the hot dogs and popcorn smell was just ridiculous. seriously, i had to breath out of my mouth. it was like the hot dog smell was coming from right in front of my face. again, the tangerines helped. they smell good when peeling them. afterwards, he wanted to stop at a cold stone. it didn't matter to me since i'm not eating there. and he's not even vegetarian, so who am i to argue. well holy bejeezus! i stepped two feet inside that place and i gagged. when i was a little kid, i never remembered ice cream smelling like that. seriously. worst think ever. i can't even describe the smell. dead stuff i guess. i didn't even have to ask my friend if it smelled bad to him. i knew by the 20 odd people crowded inside the store that it was undetected by them. anyway, on the other end, i was at the gym and even though the pool is behind glass with it's entrance from inside the locker room and i've never once smelled it before, i could clearly smell chlorine from halfway across the gym floor. outside in the parking lot i could smell it too. sunday when i went grocery shopping, i noticed something. red kale smells like flowers. like really sweet smelling flowers. i wanted to bottle the sent and sell it. then i realized most people probably can't smell it. and i picked my fruit by what smelled the best. it was pretty intense to say the least. and that's my requisite ramble for the week.
  10. boo! let's not push your own limitations on other people well, fellas, if you read some of cfacile's other posts, you will see that cfacile is new to the whole thing, not just the raw thing. also, if you read a lot of qhat andesuma has to say in other posts, you'll see that even she believes that due to the harsh detox that a raw diet puts the body through, someone should definitely not just suddenly go 100% raw. it's something you work towards.
  11. 100% raw? c'est pas essential. (Excuse my frenglish. i'd write all in french for you, but i'm in a hurry and that makes me have to think too much) if you eat 0% raw food, then increase to 10% will be good. increase to 25% will be better. 50% even better. 75% amazing. now 100% is something that you can't do immediately. you must work toward 100% as your goal. but just add more raw food here and there. if your diet starts having more raw food, you will see benefits (benefice). try just eating one meal all raw every few days. eat more salads and fruits. if your family cooks carrots and broccoli with steak, eat the carrots and broccoli and ask for some of it to be raw so you can have some raw fresh vegetable. convince your family to buy more fruits. pommes, citrons, raisins, bleuets, baies, cerises, framboises, ananas, bananes, etc. beaucoup des fruits et legumes. whatever you can get. the salads will make it easier to start. and leefy greens.
  12. i agree with a lot of that. perhaps it should be two weeks, but be preceded by a master cleanse?? that might help people a little.
  13. is this because you need to cook on the weekend and you dont have time to cook during the week because of work/school/sports/military/space travel?? if i were you, i'd get myself to costco and buy a rice cooker. you can gook grains and dry beans in it. all you have to do is measure out your portions, add the correct amount of water, and then set the timer for the next day. good rice cookers have a delay timer. i can set mine from 1-15 hours on delay. that way, it just soaks the beans/grains until the next day and then cooks them in the afternoon. then when i get home from space travel... ahem... my beans/grains are piping hot and ready to eat. http://www.costco.com/Common/Search.aspx?whse=BC&topnav=&search=rice%20cooker&N=0&Ntt=rice%20cooker&cm_re=1-_-Top_Left_Nav-_-Top_search that page shows the rice cookers available on costco's website. they have one for $29.99US in store. if you don't have a membership, you can pay five dollars to shop for one day. then it's 35.99. that's cheap! i'm sure if you search ebay and other site, you can find one. mine's the brand "Aroma" and it is great. on the other hand, if you're just asking this on a 'i want to know' basis... i wouldn't store any of this past 4 days. odds are, you'd be okay after a week. but there's a chance of getting sick. and if you do it all the time, chances significantly increase for bacterial problems. best to cook every other day or every third day if cooking time is a problem.
  14. well, then. i didn't know that at the start. i don't eat any of that stuff either. i'm allergic to soy and i can't stand those packaged 'foods' anyway. my dad had a lot of digestive problems and then he cut out soy altogether and his problems all went away. so while tofu isn't affecting you adverselly, you might want to cut soy out completely. it does mess with hormones you knoww... i'd try the quinoa. it cooks in about a third of the time that oats or rice take to cook. you can put different sauces/dressings on it. i like it with raisins, cinnamon and walnuts. or tossed with broccoli and some other veggies + lime avocado and cilantro. quinoa has it's own fat content, so it doesn't really need oil unless you're just looking for extra fat content. there's another similar grain called amaranth that is available at most whole foods/wild oats markets. it has a stronger flavor and is not for everyone, but you could try it too. it has about 14 grams of protein per serving! buckwheat is good too (same high protein content), but it's hard to cook because it tends to mush up. i eat it all the time like granola. i just soak the grains for 30-50 minutes, drain and refrigerate. if you don't refrigerate and instead rinse them every four hours they will sprout. but this take too much time for me to do.... i agree about the avocados. though if you're on a cutting phase, the 35 fat grams on average is problematic. but they do have about 15 grams fiber per whole avocado and 4-5 grams of protein. so that's not bad. pumpkin seeds are also great. only 12-14 fat grams per serving, plus 8 grams fiber and 8 grams protein. tons of zinc. they have been shown to increase testosterone production, so i think of them as man's food.
  15. i like crow. just cuz no one else in my classes can do it. the warrior poses are great too. and full bridge. bazically whatever most people can't do, i'm all over it!
  16. why no snack bars or packeged raw goods? there are 100% raw bars available. still, looking forward to this. i will use this to push myself to 100% raw.
  17. quinoa is good cold. toss it with some veggies or even better, lentils. that'd be super protein! no white flour? that's good, but do you still eat things made of 'whole' flour? try noodle dishes with whole wheat, brown rice or bucjwheat noodles. about half of all japanese noodle dishes are actually made cold. use a miso and some edamame with the noodles (assuming you eat soy). i agree about hummus. that's easy to pack with whole wheat pita or veggies. the veggie brats are always good cold. protein shakes that will last in the fridge. beans and veggie fajitas are still tasty cold. many dishes with leefy greens like kale are good cold. just todd them with nuts and it would be filling, with protein and fats. use ezekial sprouted tortillas and make tofurky wraps. then you're not using any flour and youre getting tons of high quality protein. granolas. tostada salads. dude there are tons of things that you can toss in plastic containers, put in the fridge and then eat on your break.
  18. go here: http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/Data/Other/oxalic.html kale seems to have a relatively low level of OA compared to other foods (spinach and collard have way more!). that amaranth at the top of the list... i wonder if that's the leafy greens part or the seed/grain... i don't like the greens but i eat the seeds a lot....... just curious... what nutrients did this friend say you would be depleting?
  19. i also have a friend who is vegan and uses the WW program. it will work. c'est tres facile, cfacile. (je trouve ton nom d'ecran tres humereux.)
  20. i did robert's method today. it worked really well. but i can tell it's not going to last long. stubble will appear after a few days. oh well. i'll just exfoliate and make the new hairs more tapered on end.
  21. WOW! i looked up vita mineral greens and read their site. that stuff sounds great! i will be checking today if stores near me carry it! thanks for telling me about that!
  22. a recipe i found that i tried and liked a lot. i changed a couple things... RED KALE AND WHITE BEAN SOUP You can substitute any other leafy green for the kale. 1 bunch red kale (or use any other green available) 1 large onion, chopped 3 stalks celery, chopped 4 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 cup parsley, chopped 1/2 cup chopped fresh basil 1 teaspoon chopped oregano 4 roma tomatoes, diced 1 15-ounce can cannellini or other white beans (or equivalent amount of fresh cooked dry white beans, i used great northern) 4 cups water pinch red pepper flakes salt and pepper to taste Optional serving suggestions: Balsamic vinegar and soy or rice parmesan (or ground pine nuts) Prepare the kale by removing the thick parts of the center rib and discarding them. Slice the leaves thinly. Measure out 4 cups of kale for the soup; save the rest for another use. Mist a large stainless steel pan lightly with olive oil. Sauté the onion and celery until the onion begins to brown. Add the garlic, and sauté for another minute. Add all the remaining ingredients, and allow the soup to simmer, adding extra water as needed, until the kale is tender, about 15-25 minutes, depending on the kale. Taste the soup and add more basil, if necessary. Serve the soup, stirring a few drops of balsamic vinegar and a sprinkling of vegan parmesan into each bowl, if desired. Makes about 6 servings.
  23. wow. that site is good. thanks. all of this is good advice. i will probably try to combine all of this. thanks!!!
  24. yeah, thaanks dolce... but i knew all of that except the freeze dried stuff... i've been vegan-organic for over a decade (nearly half my life). i can't eat soy or gluten, so that severely limits packaged goods anyway. trust me, my fridge is full of frash veggies and the couter is covered with bowls of fruit. i wasn't asking for advice on anything. i was purely asking if freeze dried was still raw. reason: i keep seeing freeze dried fruits at trader joe's in the dried fruit section. i tried the pineapple and it burned my tongue like concenetrated bromelin, so i was then wondering if it was raw. the whole idea of it being processed with high heat is strange, epecially for the fruits. but i guess it makes sense. thanks to all! oh, and what's this 'phi stuff'?
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