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  1. i can do that peanut butter jar in 90 seconds thing, but i would actually need to put the peanut butter all out in a bowl. the actual scooping out of the jar is what is time consuming. especially if you're actually talking about cleaning. plus, was this smooth or crunchy, because that make a big difference. and for pizza, i've eaten a whole new york style 24" pizza in 2 minutes 20 seconds. but it was only cheese and tomatos for a topping. and i was 11 and going through a big growth spurt. (and obviously not yet vegan whn i did it). anyway, i think the eating contests on video are fun, but i have this terrible feeling that videos of Odidnetne or me eating jars of peanut butter in 90 seconds would be all over youtube! @Robert: how about an endurance challenge that actually involves a hold. like how long can someone plank out on 1 arm and 1 foot only? or how long can someone hold a squat with knees and hips at perfect 90 degree angles? these are things that can actually be put on video and will i doubt be longer than 10-15 minutes tops because blood flow starts to force people out of holds like this. also, you could do something with a standard cardio machine that everyone's gym would have where the proof would be a photo of the person on the machine and a photo of the stats at the end when the machine displays cals, strides per minute, distance, etc. a kind of indoor endurance or speed race that would actually have verifiable proof.
  2. my body is weird. i have very little hair on my arms and legs and what's there is all blond, but i have a small patch of dark hair right across the middle of my chest. i waxed that a couple of times when i was swimming in high school, used nads once, and naired it once (which made me smell like burnt hair for three days). the nads hurt like a torture device and left me a little bloodied, after which i had several ingrowns. the waxing was not so bad, but still gave me ingrowns. and then shaving it leaves lots of stubble, but works fine. i was wondering if waxing always leaves ingrowns or if there is a trick to it. anyone have any tips?
  3. well, the last time i dislocated one was the right one and that was ten years ago. i never get the pain during the actual excercise, so i can't figure out which sets are fucking me up. but the next day i know if i did something right or wrong. i swam every day for 12 years, so i have the basic conditioning and such. but more often than not, when i use any kind of cable machine or hammer strenght machine with a lot of weight, which is probably crucial to bulking up around the shoulders, i end up with some pain the next day. i know that anything using the shoulder that extends toward the back (over my shoulders pulling forward kind of thing) is going to hurt the right one. i guess i was just wondering about effective low impact methods for building a lot of muscle around the shoulder. i kind of feel funny that i can get big biceps//triceps/forarms, but i've never been able to build big shoulders, even when i was swimming.
  4. here, here. nice photography! and that's a pretty nice camera, be proud of it! as to the cupcake papers, you should try something made from parchment. that's all i ever use for baking and dehydrating. i've never had anything stick. even sugary stuff. it's available at most whole foods and wid oats markets. also, beautiful lattice work with your chocolate topping! top scores for presentation, plating and creativity! now if only i could taste them, i could crown you the vegan iron chef!
  5. do you at least know of a name or two of brands that make food based vitamins with probiotics and/or enzymes? if i knew the brand names, i could do the research on the allergens, etc. but i don't really know who makes these type of vitamins you're talking about...
  6. i ask this because i read that it involves applying pressure and heat after freezing. does anyone know?
  7. um... they're organic so that would be a no. it's the fact that they are salted and actually "sun-dried" as opposed to dehydrated that makes them chewy. they're from turkey and they are organic and fair trade. two ingredients: organic tomato halves and sea salt.
  8. I've dislocated each shoulder three times in my life so I can't ever seem to lift the kid of weight I should to gain a lot of muscle on my shoulder. I need help figuring out something to do on my shoulders that is easier on the shoulder joints and maximizes bulking capacity. Any ideas?
  9. I was wondering about this. Any vitamins I ever take (B or multi mostly) is usually made by Solgar. That's because I'm alergic to soy, gluten and dairy and Solgar puts on their labels if it is free of those ingeredients. But they have supplements that say "Suitable for Vegetarians" and some that don't. I want to know if this label means vegan or what. Anyone either know the answer or know a website that has the answer(s)?
  10. They are! and like i said, i can't eat gluten, so the tortillas will most definitely never make burritos except maybe the size of the very basic bean burrito at taco bell. and i would have to eat like a dozen of those to not remain hungry afterwards!
  11. Peach Mango Salsa 2 ripe Mangos chopped 1 ripe peach chopped 1/2 cup minced red onion 2 limes juiced 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro 1 large red bell pepper seeded and chopped 1/2 a jalapeno, chopped (optional) salt to taste Add all the ingredients in a bowl stir and chill. Best if let to marinate a few hours. Delicious as salsa or as a chutney.
  12. http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a260/cpk10/PICT0166a.jpg a little more like tacos since no one make big corn tortillas and even the brown rice tortillas i use are still on the smallish side.
  13. me too. if anyone knows anything, please speak up. dunno about cubby, but i'm allergic to soy, so i am always looking for better alternatives. i use hemp and brown rice now, but i like pea the best. i'm sure quinoa would be good too. i wonder if buckwheat and amaranth can make protein powders...?
  14. i can't wait!!! the powder will be amazing!!!
  15. i was talking with a friend the other day. i hadn't seen her in a year and a half. she used to smoke and eat meat and all. well now she surpised me. she's mostly raw. she quit smoking. she only drinks wine. anyway, she asked me if i was big into sprouts. i said, and i quote, "Eh... I'm not that big into sprouts, but I do like to soak my nuts." And I kid you not, she actually did a spit take! (that's like in a movie when someone sprays all the water/liquid out of the mouth in shock) my favorite soaked nuts are almond, mac, walnut, sunflower
  16. yeah, i bought them at whole foods! check the whole foods website or ask the manager at your local store. i'm in LA and most of the whole foods markets around here sell them!
  17. where do you live? is there a trader joe's near you? they sell dried black currant and bottled organic 100% black currant juice. if you're wanting fresh... hmm.... i couldn't find any online... whole foods has "red" currants right now...
  18. really? that's good to know! i will tell my friends as i know several vegans who won't eat there based on the former ingredients. as to food porn... i suppose i will have to come up with pics the next time i have burritos... tap into the taste tapatio, huh? baja fresh used to put that on every table. do they still do that? i know their menu changed a lot when wendy's bought them. when i was a little kid there were only 4 baja fresh restaurants and they were all near my house in thousand oaks, ca. and i believe there was no board suppression as i did that myself.
  19. these cupcakes sound good though. i will try them. and i'd say to you then that all those sweeteners i listed are safe and recommended by the diabetic association. also, Agave Necter is low on the glycemic and safe for most diabetics too! plus, it tastes more like sugar than the other sweeteners. and xylitol works better for baking than stevia, but stevia is okay too. i like it better for drink mixes and cereals.
  20. hahaha well fuck thank you very much too i was joking with my tone but i guess you can't appreciate sarcasm. seriously, dude. why don't you learn to not get angry when reading something on an online forum? i apologize for angering you, but seriously... channel that into lifting and your burritos are fine. they are lovely. son muy mexicanos! Bueno mi compañero. ¿Todo es bueno, sí?
  21. for the capoeiristas in Brazil, it's more of a lifestyle than a "martial art." you know, they have schools in rio and sao paolo that work like orphanages to keep poor kids out of gangs. they practically live like monks in some of those places. i know the history of the art and i have studied it at ucla (theater majors get to take cool stuff like this for actual class credit). but does anyone know a good site that tells all of the different belts and levels? i don't know that part... @robert: it was created by the slaves in brazil. they knew that if the portuguese saw them practicing self defense, they would be beaten or killed, so they found a way to hide it. they made it look like dance and they played music. they took this from angola, where the tribe's men would compete in fight set to music. but for brazilian slaves, the slave masters and colonists just thought they were having fun. then when they had the revolution, the capoeiristas played an important role in the fight. the couple that goes 4th in this clip should give anyone who has never scene a fight a good idea of what one might look like, though they are actually just doing a demo and barely touching each other... is also a good example
  22. bread and grains can cause more acids in the stomach and digestive tract. try drinking a glass of lemon water either with the bread/meal or just before. it sounds backwards, but lemon will actually alkalize the digestive tract and help to reduce the acid from acid producing grains.
  23. wow! that post was the most detailed and well0researched post i've ever read on here! i learned so much about diabetes from reading that!! and just to actually provide an answer to the original questions of low carb protein souces, go for powders! brown ric protein is low carb, low fat. Pea protein is almost totally protein. the right soy protein powder will be almost exclusively protein (though probably processed with hexane, but that's a different story!). and manitoba harvest's hemp protein powdr if effectively no carb as all the carbs are fiber! but then again, these guys all sound like they have good ideas above, so try that route...
  24. mediterranean Organics brand imports these sun-dried tomatoes from Turkey that are the real deal. Handmade and sun-dried in the warm Turkish sun, they are salted with Mediterranean sea salt. Holy vishnu and jolly Buddha!! i can't stop eating these things. they're not like the packaged dried tomatoes you're used to... you know, those hard tomatoes that you have to rehydrate. these are ready to eat right out of the package. it's like Turkish dried figs or apricots, only salty and tomatoes. it might not sound good, but i cannot stress to you how addictive these things are. i eat a bag in about 48 hours. i put them on salads, in greens, in wraps, make sauces. heck, i eat them with my fruit! but they're not listed on the website, so either they're new or else the folks at the company are evil and planning to pull the plug on my addiction!! if they suddenly stop carrying or imprting these, i will buy a plane ticket to turkey and set up the deal to import them myself!!! i'll post some recipes and such at a later date. right now, i'm going to go finish the bag!
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