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  1. mix miso paste, tamari, and agave nectar... add water until it's the conistency you want... add chili paste or sayenne powder if you like it spicy.... add sake or mirin if you like a different flavor.... you can also toss in some tahini for a different taste
  2. i use these: 1 banana (pref frozen) 1/4 cup strawberries, blueberries or rasberries 1 heaping tablespoon of Brown rice protein (i like NutriBiotic brand) enough water to cover the berries, but not all of the banana or powder a tablespoon of organic oil (sunflower is my favorite to use, cuz it's lite and has very little taste... flax works well too) blend and enjoy. that kind of rice protein makes really creamy shakes. leave the oil out if you're in your cutting phase, i suppose. alternatively, i do the same with hemp protein (manitoba harvest is great) and a spirulina quinoa mix (peaceful planet supreme meal) also, on the soy thing... that''s true that you are getting phytoestrogens from other legumes, but if you're pounding 100-200 grams of soy protein a day, you are definitely going to be having an effect on your hormone balance.
  3. what is self rising flour and why do you have to add baking powder if the floud rises by itself??
  4. yeah, because of the yeast, this sounds more like bread than pancakes why not use flour with baking powder, banana, and add some protein powder which will make it thicken like adding egg?
  5. you can do a very similar thing using fava bean flour it has a stronger taste, but it's worth trying i know you can probably do something like this with golden pea flour, and you can definitely make most adzukis do this. i'm not sure about black, but red, green, and white adzukis will all do a similar thing. (green adzukis are what a lot of people know as mung beans) i'm sure there would be a way to mix konnyaku (a tofu-like yam gel) into a bean mix and make a tofu like dish. though it will be a different texture. but perhaps freezing it and then cooking it will change the texture. i'm sure the adzukis would work, because in japan they make miso out of chickpeas and red adzuki beans also. (soy free) the miso man has a chickpea miso available that they sell in a lot of whole foods markets. i like it a lot.
  6. but... almost every commercially available salsa has cilantro i'm from los angeles and here's a traditional baja guacamole recipe: 2-4 ripe Haas avocados half an onion, diced 1-2 fresh serrano peppers, diced (can use jalapenos) 1/4 cup cilantro, chopped or diced (depending on preference) juice of 1 lime 1/4 teaspoon salt peel avocados and place in a bowl or on a large plate. squeeze juice of 1 lime on avocado. sprinkle with salt. mash with a fork until mostly smooth with chunks. toss most of the cilantro, all of the peppers and onion on top of avocado. stir until evenly distributed. sprinkle remaining cilantro over the top. serve with warm tortilla chips. and then instead, i use raw yam slices or carrot sticks. this is also great to put a large spoonful on a salad. the reason i don't add tomatos is that the specific acids in tomatos causes the guacamole to turn brown faster. the lime alone helps keep it green/yellow. now, it says vegan guacamole recipes. how does one actually make non-vegan guac?? i have no idea...
  7. wow. i knew about the wines and how to find vegan wines, but i never knew of a vegan beer list. thanks for that link. not like i actually drink alcohol, but should the occasion arise...
  8. http://www.sproutpeople.com/ they have detailed instructions for how to sprout most anything you would ever want to eat soaked or sprouted
  9. i've had this soy allergy problem, but it's apparently different from what you all got. basically, i have a reaction anytime I eat anything with soy (protein, oil, lecithin, etc) even in very small amounts (i.e., just an ingredient low on the list) my reaction: my skin breaks out. it sucks. i get face and back acne if soy is in my diet in any way. if i keep soy out, i have completely clear skin. i asked a friend of my who has two degrees in nutrition and she said it sounds more hormonal. which made me think: phytoestrogens! they are probably f**king with my hormones. that would cause acne. it's like it sends me back to puberty. so the symptoms some of you described (lethargy, nausea, headaches, bloating) can all be attributed to at least some extent to hormonal changes or imbalances. basically, the more isoflavones you are ingesting, the more the balance of available hormones in your body is tipping to one side, and then you feel like crap. i think that's why Rob and some of the other bodybuilders on here have more or less switched to other proteins like those in Vega (pea, hemp, nuts, etc). i know that i use brown rice protein powder, and to a lesser extent hemp and spirulina. i also m ake sure to eat lots of quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat for my grains, and tons of split peas (green and yellow), lentils (all kinds), chickpeas, and adzukis (including green which you know as mung).
  10. ' I'm highlighting certain info here. This is my question: If B6, Zinc, and protein are what make up testosterone; and zinc, magnesium, B6, and omega 3 increase its levels; then why do pumpkin seeds lower it? pumpkin seeds are one of the highest food sources of zinc in all of nature, and they contain lots of magnesium, B6, protein, and omega 3's. What gives? Does this seem odd to anyone else??
  11. Kraft Foods Inc owns Back to Nature brand cereal and granola and Boca Burger WELL... I ain't got no clue, peeps. I tend to think that the companies owned by Heinz are okay because they are owned by John Kerry's wife. But then again, that doesn't mean anything. I would say that that doesn't mean anything at all. But the Arrowhead Mills fucks me up. I can't bake with Organic Flower without them. I mean. Is there any one of us who doesn't eat one of those products made by Solae every day? And DuPont makes some of the worst chemicals and genetically altered seed stocks in the world. They are regular competitors/partners with Monsanto (Satan's Private Corporation). SO folks, here's what I say. This is why more and more nutritionists are saying don't eat the processed soy junk. Eat Organic Tofu, Tempeh, and Seitan, Organic Soymilk and Organic Soy Yogurt. And only buy samller company's products. Some good companies to start with are Wildwood Natural Foods, Pulmuone, and Soga - http://www.pmo.com/ , Amy's Kitchen - http://www.amyskitchen.com/ I'll send more when I find them. Everyone else post what they know, too. Try to only post independent and co-op companies. Nothing owns by multi-nationals. This topic is a major problem for vegans and for people who want to buy from ethical companies and stop supporting multi-nationals.
  12. Here's a new one I just learned about: DuPont owns Solae, the makers of every soy product under the sun. Who knew LiteLife and Yves were the same company? The illusion of choice, my friends. Welcome to the 21st century. here is their product list: http://www.solaeliving.com/soyproteinproducts/index.html Shakes & Beverages: 8th Continent® AdvantEdge™ Nutritious Protein Drink Aria™ Pro Performance® Soy Protein 95™ Fit For a Low Carb Lifestyle Snapple-a-Day™ Fitness Labs Pure Soy Protein Isolate Certified Fitness Labs Pure Soy Protein Isolate Original GeniSoy® Protein Powder GeniSoy® Protein Shake GeniSoy® Ultra-XT™ GNC Soy 104 Isoflavone Source Mix GNC Womens Soy Solution® Drink Mix Hansens® Natural Soy Smoothie HEALTHY SOY™ Meal Replacement Hormel™ Great Shake™ 206 Hormel™ Great Shake™ 309 Hormel™ Great Shake™ Plus 248 Interactive Just Soy™ Interactive SoyOne™ for Women Life Protein Shake Life Pure Soy Protein Medifast Take Shape Merziger Fruit Soya Mix Myoplex™ Ready-to-Drink Natural Brand™ Soy Protein Personal Edge® Fat Metabolizing Drink Mix Premium Soy Protein Isolate Powder PRO-LIFE™ Soy Protein Protein 95™ Soy Protein Protein Plus Soy Pure Soy Protein Isolate Powder Regal Pro-Meal™ Reliv Classic® Reliv Now® Reliv Now® for Kids Reliv SoySense™ Reliv SoySentials™ Results® For Women Scan-Diet™ Schiff® Womens Natural Replacement Soy Protein SimplyProtein Complete Soy SlimFast® With Soy Protein Snapple-a-Day™ SO GOOD Soy Serenity Spirulina Soy Protein Drink Sundown® Soy Protein Shake Powder Super-Blue Pro-96tm Soy Protein Super-Green Pro-96™ Soy Protein Super High Protein Super-Red Pro-96tm Soy Protein TruSoy Ultra SlimFast® Shake with Soy Protein V8 Splash® Smoothies V-Fit™ Vege Fuel Vegetable Protein Veggie Milk® Zoic™ Protein Nutrition Drink Food Ingredient Powders: EstroSoy GeniSoy® Protein Powder GeniSoy® Protein Shake GeniSoy® Ultra-XT™ GNC Soy Protein Interactive SoyOne™ for Women MenoSoy PRO-LIFE™ Soy Protein Protein 95™ Soy Protein Pure Soy Protein Isolate Powder Regal Pro-Meal™ Reliv ProVantage Reliv Ultrim Plus Super-Blue Pro-96tm Soy Protein Super-Green Pro-96™ Soy Protein Super-Red Pro-96tm Soy Protein Meat & Dairy Alternatives: Foney Baloney® Gardenburger® Burgers Gardenburger® Chik'n Gardenburger® Beef Gardenburger® Pork Gimme Lean™ Smart Bacon Smart Menu™ Chick'n Patties Smart Menu™ Chick'n Nuggets Smart Menu™ Veggie Burgers Smart Menu™ Meatless Meatballs Smart Deli Pepperoni Style Smart Cutlets™ SoyLean Breakfast Pork Patties SoyLean Flame Broiled Beef Patties Lean Links™ Nature's Gourmet™ Smart Deli® Jumbos Smart Deli® Slices Smart Deli™ Sticks Smart Dogs® Tofu Pups® Veggie Butter™ Veggie Milk® Veggy Slices™ Wonderdogs® Yves Canadian Veggie Bacon Yves Veggie Breakfast Links Yves Veggie Deli Slices Yves Veggie Dogs Yves Veggie Ground Round Yves Veggie Entrées Yves The Good Burger Yves The Good Lunch Nutrition Bars & Snacks: AdvantEdge™ Soy Protein Aussie Bodies A.M. Bar Aussie Bodies FX Bars Balance Plus Balance® Gold™ Balance® Outdoor™ Flax and Soy Bar Flax and Soy Granola Cereal GeniSoy® Xtreme Bar GeniSoy® Xtreme Crunch Bar GeniSoy® Protein Bar Healthy Soylutions™ Nutrition Bar Interactive SoyOne™ Bar Life Harmony Medifast Oatmeal Medifast Plus® for Diabetics - Bars Medifast® Soy Protein Supplement Bars MLO Bio Protein Bar Myoplex™ Ready-to-Drink NuGo™ Nutrition To Go Perky's™ Nutty Grains & Soy™ Crunchy Cereal Personal Edge® Energy Bar Personal Edge® Recovery Bars Pro-Bites™ SlimFast® Meal Options™ Chewy Granola Meal Bar SOyACTIVE™ Daily Soy Bar For Men The Original Balance Bar Tofu: Mori-Nu® Silken Lite Tofu - Extra Firm Mori-Nu® Silken Lite Tofu - Firm Mori-Nu® Silken Tofu - Extra Firm Mori-Nu® Silken Tofu - Firm Infant Formula: Enfamil® Next Step® Enfamil® ProSobee® Enfamil® ProSobee® LIPIL® Performance Nutrition: AdvantEdge™ Nutritious Protein Drink Aussie Bodies Protein FX Bar GNC Pro Performance® Protein 95™ Fitness Labs Pure Soy Protein Isolate Certified Fitness Labs Pure Soy Protein Isolate Original Hard Body Healthy Soylutions™ Nutrition Bar Interactive SoyOne™ For Men Life Protein Shake Life Pure Soy Protein Myoplex Lite™ Myoplex™ Ready-to-Drink Personal Edge® Energy Bar Personal Edge® Fat Metabolizing Drink Mix Personal Edge® Recovery Bars Protein Plus Soy SimplyProtein Complete Soy Vege Fuel New Products: SoyLean Breakfast Pork Patties SoyLean Flame Broiled Beef Patties
  13. and here I was thinking of taking Nat if I won
  14. why would you consider straight edge to be conforming to a trend, and beer drinking/drug use not a much bigger trend to conform to. even if some people consider it trendy and try to fit in to that straight edge group, they are still trying to fit in with a very small group. as oppossed to the majority of people around them who never question, conform to peer pressure, and basically drink and do drugs because "everyone else is doing it". Well... I consider the drinking & drugs conformiist too. I think I just chafe at a label. Especially one that often to those outside seems condescending, in that people who call themselves straight tend to look down on those who drink/smoke/fuck around... ...so yeah...this is my last post on straight edge...i'll just read that FAQ and stick to nutrition/bodybuilding posts I think...forum posts of a philosophical nature are to hard for me to do when I work 13 hour days and hardly ever get on here. But thanks Ronnie for posting the answers, it did help a lot
  15. kollision & Sirdle- There are a lot of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in LA. http://www.vegparadise.com/diningarchive.html That site lists all of them that I know of and has reviews. They are listed by city. My favorites are: for the valley - Follow Your Heart Cafe (canoga park), Garden Wok (reseda), Veggie Delight(granada hills), Woodland's Indian Cuisine (canoga/chatsworth on topanga), Langano Ethiopian (van nuys), Madeleine Bistro (midlevel prices - classy sit down french vegan restaurant - good place to take a date - Tarzana) for Hollywood/LA - Vegan Glory(Sirdle - it's on Beverly by the beverly connection), Real Food Daily (on la cienega up the street from bev connection), Rahel's Vegan Ethiopian (great food on Fairafax in Little Ethiopia), California Vegan (on Sunset), Vegan Express (Universal City), Paru's Indian Vegetarian (Hollywood), Electric Lotus (indian - Toby and Leo's fav hangout, or so I've heard - in Los Feliz) for the Westside - Native Foods (sirdle - it's in Westwood - vegan "fast food"), Real Food Daily Santa Monica, Chandni Vegetarian Indian (santa monica/brentwood), Juliano's Raw (santa monica - very expensive), Leaf (cheap raw food - Culver City west), Vegisoul (Culver City central) AND I remember reading about people (maybe you) looking for a veg buffet - so here it is: Sallim Korean Veggie Life Buffet 3020 Wilshire Blvd., #119, Los Angeles, CA 90010 Phone: 213-387-5334 Hours: Daily Lunch 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Daily Dinner: 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Inexpensive Enjoy!
  16. yeah. i know. no fat burn. but this guy is a boob and says it literally makes fat melt. anyhow, i find that my chest looks much bigger when i'm using it. it really swells up. Hey, naturalblonde! I was looking at it. You're 5'10 1/2 and 130. That's hot. And you're sn is *natural*blonde. That's hot. 18-19% body fat is good for girls. It proabably makes you hot. No kidding. I don't think you need creatine. Unless you want helps feeling like you're bulking up faster.
  17. Salma Hayek: http://www.balkanmedia.com/m2/sl/2269-1-1.jpg Penelope Cruz: http://www.celebs001.com/Penelope-Cruz/1.jpg Both of them presenting at the Oscars: http://www.bongonews.com/StoryImages/penelope_cruz_selma_hayek_oscars_2005-03-09.JPG so now that I look at this, I actually do think Salma Hayek is hot. My opinion of Pee-nel-ope remains the same.
  18. Responsible Shopper contains a list of companies and whether they are responsible companies and if not what they have done that is irresponsible (http://www.responsibleshopper.org). Some of the purchased health food companies and who acquired them is listed below. Company True Owner Brown Cow Hershey Earth Best Baby Food Heinz Arrowhead Mills Heinz Hain Pure Food Heinz Terra Chips Heinz Garden of Eatin¹ Heinz Westsoy Heinz Millstone Organic Coffee Proctor and Gamble Nature¹s Farm Chicken Tyson Cascadian Farms General Mills Muir Glen General Mills Knudsen Juices Phillip Morris Odwalla Coca-Cola
  19. My parents are both vegan. I convinced them pretty easily. But I do live in California.
  20. pee-nel-ope is very odd looking to me. her chin is small and her nose is weird. and she's very tiny. she reminds me of one of the chickens from chicken run. salma hayek...i can take her or leave her. i think she's beautiful, but i don't think i qualify her as hot. although i know lots of men who would disagree.
  21. i saw this book at costco. it does suggest eating good things like peanut butter, raw almods, blueberries, green tea, whole wet grains...stuff robert and everyone else suggests regularly. but it's big on egg whites and whey protein. that's where most of the protein comes from. i stopped looking at it after that. it seemed to preach mostly high intensity abs workouts. lots of the routine looked like mat pilates to me. but that is because i do mat pilates for abs. but, yes. the diet was pesco vegetarian. i think it said to eat salmon and white fish. but the whey and egg whites seemed crucial.
  22. is there a whole foods in kentucky? they have a vanilla and a chocolate soy isolate that is 24 grams a scoop with about 36 scoops per container for like 16 bucks. there's another brand that makes a big deal of being vegan. it's a meal replacer/calorie booster. they have vanilla soy and something with quinoa, millet and rice protein. haven't tried that one, but the soy was good. the thing is, most of the meal replacers are going to be adding lots of sugar to boost your calories. if that's what you want, go for it, but i'd go for hemp protein that is high carb, high fat. or rice protein which also has lots of complex carbs. and if the flax oil addition to your shake is too expensive, find a cheep grapeseed oil. it has much less flavor than flax or olive and almost as many omegas as flax. also, if you're making your shake in a blender, toss in a handful of nuts. almonds, cashews, walnuts, sesame all blend well. flax will blend but it will be thick. it is very cheap to add flax seeds though. if you just let your blender go an extra minute, it's usually fine. or just toss peanut butter in your shake. also, morinu tofu blends well into a creamy shake. and while you're at it, toss some baby spinach leaves in there. you can't taste them, but you get extra vitamins and iron.
  23. okay. if the liquid makes you want to vomit, kol, try the cinnamon flavored spectrum flax oil. as for the seeds, whole are better than ground. pre-ground will actually lose a lot of their active nutrients. that's what seeds do when the are broken open. there are brown and golden flax seeds (in Europe they are often called linseeds...i'll come back to this). brown have slightly higher oil content. golden taste better, are crunchier, and have higher fiber content. now. linseeds. flax seeds. linoleum, like in some people's kitchens or bathrooms on the floor, is made from flax or linseeds. but please don't eat the linoleum. now, for omega fatty acids, i prefer hemp seeds and avocados. grapeseed oil is also good. but don't cook with it, just put it on salads and things instead of olive oil. hemp protein powders still have omega fatty acids. and you can get hemp oil, but it seems pointless because the seeds are very tasty and have a lot of protein. avocados are almost as good for the omegas and the taste so good. i personally love the whole foods vegan burger with guacamole on a sprouted ezekial bun.
  24. i've been on creatine for almost a month and i haven't gained any weight from it. i haven't had this water weight or bloating. but my eight pack is coming in again. i think it's more die to higher intensity smarter workout than to the creatine. but one of the trainers at my gym swears it burns fat. i told him that the atp cycle stuff was probably just helping with overall metabolism. he said it literally burns fat. i walked away.
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