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  1. What's happening with this? Anyone organizing to meet up, where to stay, what to do etc? I'm going down to work the OrganicAthlete booth at the conference and would love to be a part of the fun that weekend if anyone is getting together.
  2. It's hand built by Craig Calfee. The bamboo is hand selected and the lugs are made of hempfiber. They aren't the lightest of bikes or cheapest but they are incredibly beautiful and unique. More info here: calfeedesign.com
  3. You need cycling shorts with a padded chamois. It will increase comfort when in the saddle tenfold. If you are shy about wearing "Spandex" then just wear them under some baggier shorts. Those spin bike saddles can be brutal though I know. It's funny how people think skinny racing seats are uncomfortable without every trying them. The modern designs actually work quite well and are very comfortable. It's all about ergonomics. Most spin bikes come equipped with big, poorly designed saddles.
  4. Robert are you aware that a Beef producer is one of the sponsors for the event. I also noticed that two alcohol companies (wineries) are as well. Will there be raw meat and alcohol served at the Rainbow Raw games? Anyway, it does sound like fun in the sun. I hope you have a good time. edit: I also just noticed that the produce pork, chicken, lamb, dairy, and honey.
  5. I used to buy bulk quinoa and a bag of frozen organic peas and corn. Cook it all up in a big pot then you can eat off of it for several days while changing the flavor up with different sauces/spices and/or adding in different veggies, putting it in a wrap with some salsa and avocado etc. Bananas are a decent bang for the buck source of carbohydrate calories.
  6. The body fat measuring function on those home scales really only measures the amount of water in your lower legs, then based on how easy the current flows, factoring your height/weight/sex/activity level it makes an estimate of how much body fat you have. They are highly inaccurate under most conditions. My scale would read anywhere from 12 to 18 percent body fat on a day to day basis... I knew I was much lower than that. My guess was around 6%. I was measured by a professional at 4.5% bf. From what I have read, Dexa scanners are the most accurate and consistent when it comes to measuring body fat.
  7. Wow this looks like a pretty fun event Robert. I wanna go!
  8. I like Kevin Gianni's Renegade Health Show.
  9. No worries tashie, I have nothing to hide lol. I think Joninvegaz has the best overall balance of development and definition. His ab muscles are large, symmetry looks good, and he's lean to boot!
  10. That is an older picture of me. I was about 15 lbs heavier, and a bit more bulky. I now weigh 155 and about 5-8% bodyfat. I don't lift weights anymore, ride/race my bike and run, and am a raw foodist...and and plenty of abs/core conditioning.
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