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  1. This is my diet: Breakfast - 500 gr of juicy fruits Lunch - 100 gr of grains or pasta with 1 tablespoon of extravirgin oil Snack 1 - 250 gr of bananas Snack 2 - 250 gr of bananas Dinner - 150 gr of lettuce and 100 gr of tomatoes, 100 gr of grains or pasta and 100 gr of legumes (especially lentils) (2 tablespoon of extravirgin oil, one on raw vegetables and the other on cooked carbs) It's about 2000 calories and there is fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes, with a good amounts of fat, but I can't gain weight, I think my metabolism is too fast...
  2. Hello everyone, I am Simone, I've been vegan for four years and weigh 50 kg for 1.80 m. I want to know what and how much should I eat to gain weight and how should I train to build muscles. Thank you PS: I am underweight since I was a child, even if I ate every food. Moreover, i eat until satiety, I don't starve myself, i don't have any ormonal problem
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