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  1. Sorry for the dumb title, But thats the gist of it. I hope at 17 i still have the possibility of a growth spurt, And want to make the best of it. What are the best exercises to increase height and withe, i want to build the best frame my DNA will allow, to give me some thing to work with when I'm older. any advice is appreciated
  2. above poster is right. any more equipment is just a luxary to pros, and an excuse not to train yet to beginners, i trained more often when i only had two rocks, and a ladder to do pull-ups on, it will teach you dispassion, . I'm not a pro, but I'm interested in intermittent fasting, as a vegan/vegetarian every one will tell you eat loads, then followed with eat more, i have done this all my life and am still small, so I'm taking spiralling ''algae powder'' and hemp protein, essentially all mass gain programs are, ''train till you can't lift any more'' ''if they soled liquid motivation every one would be ripped'' sadly they don't best of luck. ''alto that hasn't really got any thing to do with it''
  3. i couldn't say id watch it, but it would be good to have out there to show people that don't thingk its posable, may i ask why you want to go vegan, I'm not saying its hard, or that there ant many resins to go vegan, but if you don't have a good resin in your own head, id imaging you'd find a hamburger hard to refuse. but i say go for it, but buy a good camera first, no refections of your half naked body with your head chopped off in a mirror taken with an old smart phone i always mean to do some thing like that, but I haven't evan weighed my self in about 10 years.
  4. Thanks, I've a friend that doesn't workout, but swears by glucose he says it makes you smarter, do you take it for energy ¿, I've fond my self yawning a lot lately when working out, iv never had that problem before. i forgot to mention the brand of creatine i bought was optimum nutrition, is that a good brand, i read some where it can make you sterile, ''that kind of put me off a bit'' but then i read the opposite, and that it increases testosterone, then i read it decreases T, the the opposite again. if i could only get my hands on people that spread misinformation.
  5. sounds cool, there nothing like that around my aria, there all to stupid to compete in any sport.
  6. im so glad to see some one raise this point, I've never been fat so when people say fat people a shamed on a hourly basis i have to try not to say any thing, but its all was been my opinion that thin people are shamed almost more than fat people, body shaming of any kind is wrong, but don't encourage you kids to be over weight saying its healthy and attractive.
  7. ''THE PEOPLE'' lol. sorry, i know evan tho you started this thread you probably don't like people that have never built a web site saying ''could you just add one of them recent forum activity thingy´s'' but thats what id like to see, thanks.
  8. don't feel discouraged I'm new here, and didn't get many reply either, I'm to new to tell if there ant many people here, or if there in little clicks, or if starting my first post with, i was banned from {''A''} so i came here was a bad first impression lol.
  9. Hi, firstly no one should be embarrassed about there body, but that doesn't mean theres not plenty of reasons to workout. and secondly your doing great, just don't stop, you might want to cut down on pasta, and if losing weight is one of your goals i know this sounds extreme ''pleas dot kill me any one'' .....interval fasting....... is great, i love food so well only skipped breakfast a couple of times, but it gives you a great buzz loads of energy, loads of time, and very beneficial for your body, people have became obsessed with eating, its a primative fear of sacristy emotional thing, it makes us feel safe, and secure, now that we have unlimited supplies of food, most people eat them selves to death. evan too much good food is bad for you. good luck, your on the right road.
  10. apparently it not waters thats toxic, its that your body detoxes to fast, releasing poisonous metals and the like from you liver and fat, that sends your body into shock.
  11. Hi guys, I'm after buying creatine, and then started researching. . and found that this dehydroepiandrosterone can be in it, and is not good for reproductive health, how can i find out if my creatine contains it. or if there any other chemicals that art so good. any help would be great.
  12. hes an idiot, but finding a trainer that isn't might be a challenge good luck.
  13. pull ups with a towel can be quite pain full if that helps.
  14. Hi, me again, I'm after ordering organic hemp protein powder, and Creatine online, i don't want to be one of them guys that spend all there wage on supplements, but i thought id give it a try, i also herd Creatine gives you mad dreams which would be cool, regarding soy id rather stay away from it, i think 98percent of it in the US is GMO and with pollen and all that, so if you could let me know if there any thing I should know about taking supplements that would be great.
  15. thanks, i like to stay away from soy. but i came across a hemp protein powder, are they all gimmick for people that just don't want to lift, and professionals or is it worth supplementing with protein . i never stop eating, so ye i must have a fast metabolism or some thing. im also finding this interval fasting thing interesting. I'm no expert but could a fast metabolism be cased by eating to much for to long, I thought it was a bad thing when it comes to lifting ?
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