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  1. I'd wager a bet and say no, as you mentioned lowered T levels were found in women...which is much different biochemically from T production/processing in men. I'll echo what has already been said before, which is to talk to your doctor. Try increasing your sleep, lowering your stress, and avoiding such a critically low BF.
  2. I'm soy-free too, thanks to a protein-based allergy issue. I eat a ton of beans, which I'm sure you already do. The other way I get protein into the mix is by mixing protein powder into my coffee, eating seitan, and a lot of quinoa and similar grains. Unfortunately, Beyond Meat is NOT soy-free, it is based on soy protein isolate.
  3. I'm not big into recording all my food/exercise, but I do need to keep a record of my measurements and how they change. I'm pretty sure I'm not as bulk-oriented as most on here, but any support would be appreciated! I'll be posting my first, thus initial, numbers tomorrow morning.
  4. Hello all-- I'm a long-time visitor to veganbodybuilding.com but new to the forums. I was vegan for 3 years but fell off the wagon about a year ago. I've finally committed to going back to the life, I miss it so much! Nothing compares to the energy, clarity and endurance of a plant-based diet. I was a weightlifter in high school, about 5 years ago, but haven't been very disciplined as of late. I build and ride bicycles, but once again it's been about a year since I rode, knowing I was so out of shape. I'm getting myself together because I miss the feeling of being fit. I'm "healthy", with better than average HCL/LCL and blood pressure, BMI of 21, etc, but my numbers have been getting worse and I'm too young to be like that. I'm excited to get back into what I love and talk with people who get it! --Jack
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