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  1. Sorry if this may sound a bit harsh, but this is a bodybuilding forum so.. You should go hard! I'll be honest. Although there's definitely a progress in what you're doing, my opinion is that you can do much more than that. It is kinda slow for a 2 years span. Some general tips that I can give are: - Lift as often as possible. 5 times a week is good, sometimes even twice a day is fine, if it is not too long. Keeping weights at home would help, as you practically need 5 to 10 minutes in order to do biceps/triceps/shoulder workout. Also, do extra push-ups every day, no matter if you were in the gym the same day or not. You can do it in the morning or/and before sleeping. - Increase the weight. You don't need to go too hard all at once and double the weight, but try to increase slightly every time you workout, while still doing the exercises and breathing properly. - Pay attention to the food/nutrition. In my experience, most of the job is done by the exercise, but it is far more effective if the food is proper. Good luck! Lets see some bigger muscles next time you post an image
  2. Hi everyone! I'm really bad at introductions, but here it goes.. I've been vegetarian for more than 10 years now, with a tendency to go vegan. There were periods where I was experimenting and being part time vegan too, especially for the last year. Since I'm fully confident that vegan is the way to go, I'm now vegan for last 2 months. I'm trying to leave as healthy as possible (at least gather enough information to do so first), and this is partly the reason why I joined this forum. I don't have big expectations, but I'm mostly willing to hear other people opinions and experiences. I abandoned artificial sugars and lowered sugars in general for the last 4-5 months and now I'm seeing great results. Lost 8 KG in a 5 months period (87KG to 79 KG) and I'm trying to increase the muscle mass now. This drives me to a question how to get the proper supplements while staying vegan. Most of the products in the market (at least here in Europe, to be more specific Netherlands) seems to have sugar included, whether they can't remove it or they are injecting it on purpose to play around with the taste. I'm aware about all the downsides of fructose and other sugars and I would like to avoid them as much as possible, while at the same time maintain intake of good nutrients. For now, I think I found what I need in order to start working out a bit more seriously, but I'm missing a good protein shake that wont bring extra sugars (even artificial ones) or fats. I'm also trying to avoid those all-in-one shakes where you are getting some vitamins and minerals together with the protein shake. As I previously said, I'm trying to keep up with the latest medicine scientific facts, so I don't want to fill up my body with excess of vitamins that are doing damage to the body (for example vitamin A, Vitamin E, beta carotene etc.). If you can recommend some really good source of protein (that will help me increase my muscle mass) that is not too expensive, it would be really appreciated! I'll keep looking around the board to find what I need and maybe will try to spread my knowledge/personal experience as well. See you around!
  3. As bluebabe said, probably those 100g are including the water/liquid inside of the can, not the beans themselves
  4. Thanks for sharing this, it is useful for sure. I copied your table to check for fibers as well and get inspired on what to eat
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