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  1. Hello, thanks so much for offering some help! High protein from what I've seen in some decent studies should be at least .8g protein per pound, so I would say thats about my goal. I am about 150lbs, but I would be ok with about 100g/day. In terms of personal goals, I am not really looking to body-build, more lean muscle growth but definitely increase strength some. Workout wise I usually do 3x/week; 20 mins of interval or continuous cardio (running or rowing or stairs usually) then about 45 minutes of weights, isolating muscle groups by the day. I have access to most fruits and vegetables, some grains and the things you have mentioned. Any other info you need? Again really appreciate the help .
  2. Hey all, new to this site so I apologize if I am doing anything no in line with forums. Long story short I am attempting a vegan diet but would like to maintain it high protein to help with workouts. I am having huge problems trying to put together a high protein vegan diet given my lifestyle, and here is why: 1) I am currently a medical student, my hours are 4am-730pm Mon-Saturday. I very almost no time to cook or prepare food, maybe like 20 minutes a few times a day. I usually can only eat breakfast if its something I can scarf in 10 minutes, and lunch may or may not happen. Lunch is more likely to happen if, like breakfast, it can be eaten cold and scarfed. Anything prepared has to be super quick and pretty easy to make. 2) I live off of federal loans, so I can't maintain a diet thats super expensive. I use a protein powder after workouts 3x/week but cant do such daily, and cant consistently purchase high cost vegan protein supplement things or expensive items. 3) I live in a pretty run down neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York where I don't have access to a lot of specialty goods. As such with the exception of things I can purchase online, I only have access to pretty common grocery items (and little fresh produce). If anyone has any suggestions for a way to maintain a high protein, lowish carb diet, that is in line with the issues above I would really appreciate it! Thanks all, glad to join the community!!
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