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  1. Hey hi ! I did try the hack squat but its no good :'( You think that doing two types of lunges will work good enough? Yeah i was gonna try the reverse ones !
  2. I have some lower back problems that stop meanm performig a good suat (I tried at the multipower and also the free ones ). I'm really sad about it cause I really wanna build a nice and round butt and i know squats are pretty good at it ! My leg day is: Leg extension 3×15 Squat ( help ! ) 4×12 Walking lunges 4×10 Adductors 3×15 Leg curl 4×15 Sitting calf 3×15 My question is : "can someone help me finding a valid alternative to squats?" It needs to be an exercise that works primary on my gluteus and that gives good results Maybe the leg press? ( but how good does it work on gluteus? ) or maybe another version of lunges? I hope you will be able to help me ! Thank you soo much )
  3. Thank yu ! Idid do plenty of changes and I don't worry about fats anymore ! I usually get to reach 70 grams fats, 100 g proteins and 180/200 of carbs Ill try that awesome breakfast ! You're both really kind thanks !
  4. just started my new ismeantto loose a little fat but im really confused ! This is what I should eat in my day ( im not vegan yet :'() : BREAKFAST 0% fat yogurt + 30/40g cereals or some friut SNACK Fruit and 30g of proteins LUNCH 50/70g of rice/pasta or 100/120g of bread or Quinoa + protein food (30g of proteins) + some veggies SNACK O% fats yogurt POST WORKOUT 30g of proteins and 1/2 banana or an apple DINNER protein food + veggies Protein foods (reach 25/30g of proteins) Lentils/Tofu/seitan/tempeh/eggs/soy wurstels/low fats cheese/beans/soy salame 4.7 ft/ 57Kg 3/4 workouts a week Is thi diet gonna helo me loose some fat? Do I eat too many fats? Please suggested some good food with low fats I could eat My problem is I can't find other vegetarian foods with lots of proteins and low carbs and fats... help? Do you think this diet will work? suggestions? Ps im a 17 years old girl- 4.7 feets - 57Kg. I workout 3/4 Times a week and also walk
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