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  1. Plant Fusion is a great brand, tastes good, mixes well. I just throw a scoop or two in a shaker cup with some almond coconut milk. It's not the cheapest but, it's a good quality brand.
  2. Nut butters, seeds, hemp/rice/pea (if peas don't bother your stomach) protein powders and bars are great for hitting protein requirements. You could also just got back to a high carb diet if you were fine before. We don't need to overload on protein as much as bro-science says we do. I eat spanish rice and beans pretty heavily, and have noticed when I switched to pigeon peas instead of red beans/pinto beans, my stomach didn't feel bad. So you're definitely not the only one with soy/legume digestive issues.
  3. Took years of trial and error. When you have a illness/syndromes/diseases that flare up solely due to dietary habits (and stress but that's not really controllable) then you tend to learn pretty quickly what you should and shouldn't eat. Limited ingredient diets aren't just for pets.
  4. Breakfast is typically some kind of oatmeal Lunch is either leftovers from the night before or a peanut butter jam sandwich or a mono meal of potatoes Dinner is rice and beans, or pasta, or faux meat or a mono meal of potatoes if I didn't have them yet for the day I think I stated I don't eat much fat outside of coconut and avocado, and that's pretty much it, plus the peanut butter for lunch. The rice and beans has a splash of olive oil in it. My body doesn't respond well to fat. I love nuts and seeds but I usually don't eat them because they're expensive, they can trigger some overeating tendencies for me and my body expels them pretty violently.
  5. I love a healthy nutritional debate! (I'm not including myself, I'll just toss in my two pennies) I was raised that carbs were evil, carbs will make you fat, atkins this, low carb that, keto keto. I have disordered eating patterns that span from teenage to adulthood (I'm almost 30) because of this one side idea that carbs were the devil bobby. I was overjoyed when I saw Dr McDougall on youtube and listened to what he had to say because for once, someone wasn't demonizing carbs. I never jumped on the vegan wagon for animal rights like so many have (I'm terrible, I know) I went vegan because of my IBS and my destroyed digestive tract because of the years of disordered eating that I had. ( animal rights are a close second in this) My diet is mostly vegetable based carbs (potatoes, all kinds of potatoes and root veggies) I can mono meal on potatoes like noone's business and be so very happy. Occasionally, I'll do a pasta dish or a hispanic dish with spanish style rice and beans. Instant oatmeal makes me happy. I don't do much fake meat because it's expensive but I do enjoy it, and see/feel no ill effects. I steer away from fats outside of coconut and avocado because my body just can't digest it. So I feel like a diet..as in how one eats..really is based on how one feels about what they are eating and how the food reacts with their body. I think I'm on high carb, moderate protein, minimal fat. I couldn't give you a percentage of each macro though. I have a "food baby" at night and a flat belly in the morning, I feel wonderful, for the first time in my life I'm actually happy with what I eat and the food that I eat. I don't think we can do a one size fits all diet for all humans. We're not in the wild, we're not even in the same environment nor habitats. All kinds of shit affects what our bodies can and cannot process. I know guys who do great as raw vegans, it's not for me. I know guys who do great on fake meats and vegan pizzas, it's not for me. (Though I can digest a good vegan pizza) My wife is a type 1 diabetic and I can assure you, high carb is definitely not for her lol. It comes down to you doing you and me doing me. If our bloodwork is textbook, if our stool is easily passable, if our energy levels and hormone levels are balanced and optimal then I don't see anything wrong with eating what keeps you healthy and happy. And if that includes modifying some boxed cake mix to make vegan chocolate cake, go for it! Just as a side note:I can't express the relief i feel being able to eat something without the fear of going into a relapse of disordered eating, that to me is worth more than anything anyone negative has to say about how I eat.
  6. I have IBS. So I poop an average of 6 times a day because I can't digest much so it all kinda flies out. I've tried it all so it's just something I live with. I never had an issue with losing too much weight unfortunately because I still have weight to cut. I eat a lot because after I poop, I'm hungry because it didn't digest. So I eat like one breakfast, two lunches and two dinners, then a couple snacks in between. Feels like I eat nonstop.
  7. Hm. Ok. The only stretch marks I have really are real faded along my stomach. Anything else you see is actual scarring from surgeries, not stretch marks. But thanks for the info. Whatevers on my skin at this point in my life is just going to remain on my skin.
  8. Alright, my last post was back in October, wow. So life got a hold of me. I really don't know how much I'll be updating this, I have a Tumblr that I add to quite frequently given how much more traffic is there than here but, I digress. An update on my life: My wife and I have made the decision to keep our family as is. It seems to be so much more taxing and will cost so much money to just get from conception to birth, let alone raising a child. On a personal note, this is the first time in a decade that it has been just my wife and I without any interferences from exes or my parents or outside bullcrap. So we're really just wanting to enjoy our "us" time, maybe adopt another pup along the way and live life. If it changes in the future, we'll take that as it comes. I changed jobs recently. Finally got out of the deli. It was doing so much harm to my ED recovery and just in general, terrible place to be in many aspects. My new job is not engrossed in food and I have a wonderful discount on the things I need. Win win really. All of my bloat is gone because I've not been tempted with cookies and freebies and samples that I shouldn't be eating and it's wonderful on my pants, I went from a tight, having to suck my gut in size 38 pants to a comfortable loose, not feeling like my butt's going to split out of the seam size 38. No real weight change but the lack of bloat does wonders. Changes in my diet, ah well, to be honest, I had eggs and cheese in my diet quite often and it's done more harm than good, obviously. I've always been lactose intolerant and now I've seem to have developed an egg sensitivity in my old 28 year old age. I only hear it happening in kids but..there it is. I'm looking to knock off 25lbs that's probably the same 25lbs I've wanted to knock off at the beginning of this thread lol. It's not an excuse but it's hard to eat right and train well when you have IBS and are in recovery and a family that generally requires more time given its special needs. But since quitting the deli I've been able to shift priorities and get back on things I really want to do. Like this fall I'll be starting school. Non traditional student for the win cause I'm old and I've forgotten everything lmao. Seriously like 8th grade math is my cutoff but I'm studying up and should be ready for my placement exams in a month. Then sometime in the late 2016, early 2017, if not sooner depending on finances and how my diet goes, I'm chasing that Jiu Jitsu dream. Really excited for it. Really obsessing about it because starting April 1st, is when all of this is happening in terms of diet and training for it. It'd be sooner but I don't get paid for another 5 days so, I have to make due with what I have now in terms of eating, which really is nothing but rice, pbj and granola lol. I'm adjusting my diet plan over the course of the next few days. I'm thinking something like this: Oats mixed with water and some generic Vega (I work at a drugstore I found some things to choose from and I'll get my employee discount) in the morning. A BAS (Big Ass Salad) for lunch, because me and veggies aren't good bedfellows unless it is slatherrrrrred in cheese sauce. But I can mix up a solid salad with everything I do like in there, and really enjoy it plus getting my greens and what not in there. Dinner is going to be spanish rice and beans, with more beans and sweet potatoes along side. Or a PBJ sandwich with sweet potatoes along side If I get hungry in between Ill pick and graze on fruit, because I really go overboard with nuts and seeds. I have no concept of moderation at all. Throw in a multivitamin and an omega 3 because ya know..gaps happen. As you can see, I'm really trying to keep the foods whole, while being foods that I will eat comfortably, doesn't cause me to binge and doesn't flare up my IBS. Not the easiest task. So, if my stats, at the moment are 5'6 male, 195lbs, and trying to cut to 170lbs, does this seem like a solid meal plan? Training I have a grip on, it's always the nutrition that I suck at.
  9. http://i67.tinypic.com/2gxjm0j.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/2441yeu.jpg Please ignore my dirty mirror. These pictures were taken while I was on a 10 day stretch at my new job and had not time or energy to clean.
  10. http://i61.tinypic.com/juk8k4.png Already posted this in my journal on here but wanted to put it in this thread for comparison. 255lbs vs 193lbs.
  11. Been a while since I've updated. I took a hiatus from training. My wife and I have been talking about expanding our family and so my thoughts were consumed by that. That said, I haven't gained weight. I haven't lost any either but hey lol, glass is half full. I got approved for a job working for the state that pays me to work from home, just waiting for the paperwork to go through. Will probably be about a month or so longer. It pays more, and won't have me deal with working where I work now. I work at a deli. Yeah. A vegetarian in a deli. Sounds like some punchline to a bad joke. I hate it. The waste. The desecration. The...you guys get the picture. Plus I sliced off a literal chunk of my finger today on the slicer cause of someone's love for thick corned beef. Anyway, so a few more weeks of that and I'll be free. My diet's been decent, not as clean as I'd prefer but decent. I'm wanting to clean it up and get back on track. I have 25lbs to lose for goal. Though my goals have changed and are much much too personal to be sharing on here. I've caught myself habitually scanning the fridge and pantry despite that I'm not hungry. But at least I can recognize it's just habit and not hunger so I stop myself. Improvements are improvements no matter how small. I've lost my taste for sweets and junk. It's kind of depressing but I just don't care for them anymore. I'm still hungry afterwards so it feels pointless to me anymore. Rather have real food, or some semblance of real food. Due to my change up in diet and goal, I'm wanting to throw in some protein shakes. Maybe as a post workout and pre bedtime type thing. Nothing fancy, just the powder and some nut/soy milk. I prefer protein powder with some kind of chocolate in it, any tasty suggestions that won't break my wallet, and where to get it? (Type of protein matters not, so long as it's not whey, I have lactose allergies.) Hope you all have had a good weekend.
  12. Because a diet under x amount of grams of carbs a day if she is pregnant, will keep her blood sugars under control while the baby grows so there won't be need for an insulin pump. The main question is is there a way to stay vegetarian while keeping the carb count as low as possible without sky rocketing the calorie content with tons of nuts and seeds.
  13. My wife is a type 1 Diabetic. Insulin dependent. Only one shot a day. Her A1C is 5.5 so she's that of a non-diabetic person. Her sugars are tightly controlled with her average sugar reading over the last 3 months being 95. Thing is, next year we are wanting to expand our family. My wife is also a paraplegic. Yes, yes high risk all over the place. My question right now is, is there a way for her to stay vegetarian (she eats eggs and cheese) and keep her sugars under control throughout pregnancy? By the 2nd trimester the baby is going to be using up her insulin so her resistance will be higher, so she will need more if she's not on basically a keto diet. Otherwise, her endo will most likely fit her for a pump and with her being paralyzed, this just isn't a good idea for her. Also, limited mobility during that time, on top of her already limited mobility won't allow for high calorie types of substitutes like nuts and seeds. She's also only 4'10 so her caloric needs are already pretty low as it is. I'm wanting her to have whole foods before resorting to protein shakes and what not. Most vegan and vegetarian foods are grains and carb dense. We really want her carb intake to be at keto level at the time of pregnancy, possibly start it sooner so that she will be used to it. If medically necessary, she'll have poultry. Because chicken and veggies is still healthy and practically carb free, depending on the veggies involved. She just doesn't want to be pumped full of insulin because of the growing baby, and the lower the sugar readings, the better for the fetus of course. So, thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Please and thank you.
  14. Thank you, I never thought of myself as real inspiring but that's awesome. Sometimes people get turned off by training because of their life and others become gymoholics for the same reason. I'm just trying to be a better version of me for myself and my family. We're planning on expanding our family within the next year or so and how good of a father am I going to be if I can barely walk 10 steps, ya know? On the other hand, how good of a father am I going to be if I work and workout too much to even stay awake to change a diaper? Sure everyone has 30 minutes to get a work out in, but ya know what? Sometimes I'm just too tired to get that work out in, there isn't anything wrong with listening to your body, to your spouse, or to your wallet. In the end, the things that need to be done take precedence over the things that want to be done.
  15. Training will be taking a backseat until I can get some sleep. Last night the missus was sick, this morning I was sick. Had to wake up twice in the middle of the night, only to be at work at 7am, then tomorrow I'm working from 1:30pm to 10pm, then Tuesday I'm on 8am to 4pm, it's just...a lot. Plus we're getting down to the last week of the month, rent's due so food's not in real abundance, I don't want to be using it up on post workouts. My weigh in is in 10 days so we'll see what happens then. I'm honestly so thrilled with being out of the 200's after all these years, being in the 190's isn't that bad. So if my log winds up slacking down the forum a little bit this week, I'm not being lazy, I'm just trying to balance everything. Sometimes I can only get my training in a couple days a week, some weeks I can do more. I guess it's better than nothing. Have a good week everyone.
  16. You could be really sadistic with it and do 20 burpees after each flight.
  17. More like the Magic 30 instead of the Magic 50, I upped the weight from 25lb dumbbells to 30lb dumbbells and upped the lat pulldown from 50lbs to 60lbs, I got three circuits done before I got a really painful headrush so I stopped, did my abs and went onto wifey's training. (She pulled 50lbs btw.) Now settling in for the night with post workout food. Tuna salad with crackers for her, seeds, raisins and gluten free cocoa pebbles trail mix for me. I put my scale away until weigh in on the 1st. I mean away away, in another room on the other side of the apartment, in the closet. Have a good night everyone.
  18. Thank you. Sometimes it takes pictures to actually see the difference when you don't always feel the difference.
  19. Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't look like you're eating enough. With not enough calories to sustain your normal body functions, it will go into starvation mode and hold on to everything. Try to calculate your caloric needs (your RMR) that's how much your body needs to just function, without any training. Throw in what you lose by training, add it in, then create your deficit but don't go under your RMR. www.iifym.com is a good tool for all these calculations.
  20. Alright, net's back on so as promised, here are my one month progress pictures. http://i60.tinypic.com/9lh17o.png http://i60.tinypic.com/11ragzb.jpg And for days when I'm not loving my body, here's to putting things in perspective: http://i61.tinypic.com/20f50zr.png This is the full 62lb weight loss from 255lbs two years ago to 193lbs today at 5'6.
  21. I'd like it better if the tread was wider. My running form leaves much to be desired and instead of running in an almost one-foot-in-front-of-the-other straight line, I run so my feet land side by side so treadmills don't feel stable. But my self consciousness is still up and running too much for me to run in the daylight.
  22. Skipped the gym yesterday and am going to skip it today too. Yesterday I worked an 8 hour shift hauling 280lbs worth of...things I'd rather not mention on this forum. So I got my lifts in. Today I just need some rest, doing night shift until 10pm tonight so a little recovery would be good. Off tomorrow so back to the grind.
  23. Update: Just crushed my one mile PR. From 12:57 two days ago, to 12:33. Need a 5 minute long breather before hitting the iron so hopped on to tell you guys that. Running isn't easy. Or maybe running on a treadmill isn't easy, not sure which one… Both?
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