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  1. Thanks alot man. I appreciate the input. Very new to using supplements, so just wanna be sure.
  2. Hello all. I've completed my 3rd week of a cut on a 15-20% calorie deficit, so far so good on the progress both weight lifting wise and nutrition/macros weight loss wise. My current stats are 5'8, 161 lbs (lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks), 32 year old male. 18-20% BF approximately. Haven't measured in 3 weeks though. I workout about 6 days a week, and do a lot of resistance training centered on heavy weights and low reps. Typical daily intake: Pre-workout -Fruit & Kale smoothie with Raw Meal powder (tastes great btw) Post workout -Plant Fusion protein drink -Breakfast Burrito (Amy's brand) Lunch -Frozen veggie burger, black beans, green leafy vegetable (spinach, arugula, mustard greens etc) and hummus -vegan protein+ powder (genuine health brand) Dinner -Eggplant veggie burger , black beans, and hummus -Rice Protein shake w/ Almond milk Late-night treat -Stove Popped popcorn kernels with sea salt This all adds up to roughly 2100-2250 calories per day and ~165g of protein, which is the macro I built this plan around since I've always consumed far less than needed to increase my lean body mass regardless of what vegan foods ive consumed. Everything appears to be working fine right now, and my goal of losing unwanted fat/weight before bulking is right on track. My question though is regarding the amount of protein shakes im consuming and if it's too much? If so, what alternatives would anyone recommend that would align with my fat loss goal without going beyond my 15-20% deficit threshold?
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