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  1. Im 36, 5'9 sitting at 90kg looking to bulk up. I've been lifting for around 10years (on and off) and am keen to hit the weights hard the next few years and get more focused on my lifting. Over the years I've had no problems eating meats/chicken fish etc..however recently I have been thinking seriously about giving up meat - just my personal view but having watched how animals are slaughtered I feel a bit guilty playing a part in that process for my own vanity..again just my view... My question is it possible to bulk up on a vegan diet? Whats the core foods to achieve this? rice and lentils and tofu? Are the gains experienced comparable to eating a meat diet? Any dangers I should be aware of (like depending too much on a certain food type?) Would appreciate any pics of legit vegan bodybuilders who have experienced gains using a vegan diet - my meat diet has been pretty solid but if I am to shift over I'd be completely lost abt how to do a vegan diet - meal frequency, ratios etc..great forum btw Thanks
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