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  1. But why not just eat more protein rich vegan foods?
  2. 1. I felt great from the start but my GI is stil getting used to all the extra fiber. 2. You will lose a lot of nutrients from juicing for sure. They have their place in the kitchen but definitely not a daily use. Blender would be better since you are not removing large portions of the foods. 3. Raw diet is not necessary. Cooking most veggies actually makes them more bioavailable or has minimal effects. Except for broccoli. Protein powders are useless waste of money. Get your protein from food. I used to do the protein powder thing and think you need 30-40g at a time. It's total bull. I'm right now sitting at 190-193lbs and 11% BF. No powders for 6 months and the gains are the same.
  3. Bodybuilding is bodybuilding vegan or not. So do a bit of research and start training. Lol. I love these posts.
  4. The first few months can be a little sketchy as you figure out how to get enough calories from whole foods and your GI gets used to all the fiber. I couldn't handle beans for the longest time. Just now putting them back in and I'm handling them much better.
  5. 11/12/15 2 days out Went back to the stairs today. Yesterday just didn't do it for me. I counted the stairs too. Its actually 245 steps up to the top then about 100m away another set of 200 steps going down the other side of the hill. I did 4 rounds of out and back. It totaled 2.5 miles and 1010' of elevation in 39:50. This is equal to going up and down a 105 story stairwell. I'll keep you guys posted.
  6. Pre workout sups are great for anaerobic workouts but suck for endurance workouts. Nitrates don't do squat for anaerobic workouts but can significantly boost endurance performance. Two completely different animals here boss
  7. Strong work man. Looks like your getting your training dialed.
  8. Actually the studies show the most benefit comes with the consumption of high nitrate foods 2.5-3 hrs pre workout of a steady state cardio vascular workout (running, cycling, etc). They would be no benefit to a bodybuilding or any other anaerobic workout. My protocol is to have a spinach heavy smoothie 2-3 hrs before my trail runs and 2 cups of rice milk and 1 cup soy milk 15-20 min pre workout and post workout plus 24-32 oz of water with sea salt for rehydration and electrolytes.
  9. Thanks man! I expect the academy workouts to be somewhat challenging but that my workouts and conditioning will have prepared me to the point that they won't really affect me all that much. There is also a full day of very physical manipulative practice of fire fighting skills after the morning PT. The academy is 5-6 days a week 12hrs per day for 16 weeks. The manipulative skills need to be done step by step precisely. There is also an amazing amount of information that I will be responsible for learning and memorizing. My level of conditioning will greatly affect my ability to stay mentally focused and error free during the drills and in the classroom.
  10. Sorry I'm not tryin to be hostile. I may be a bit to forceful in my word choices though. Sorry for that. I have noticed that you are a big believer in the convict conditioning book. So much so that it is like you have blinders on. It's great that that book inspired you to work out and go calisthenics but you should keep open to the possibility that it's just another workout book. There actually is no Paul Wade. It's a persona/pen name made up to sell and lend credibility to the book. There have been no book signings or interviews. He's totally made up. I'm sure the program may work for some for certain period of time. But even the models for the photos for the book don't use or recommend the book as a viable program. I have read many training and nutrition books. Mentzer, Arnold, Perryman, Dan John, Mel Siff and countless others. I even read Cordain and bought the Paleo diet myth for a couple of months but I wasn't so emotionally invested in it that I couldn't recognize the signs that it was bullshit. Your faith in the program is akin to religion. Bruce Lee studied many styles. He was a continuous student. He said keep what is useful and discard the rest. A low volume low frequency might work for some bodybuilders but the vast majority choose an approach that works better for them. For calisthenics it def will not work because the movements are not just strength but have a skill component that needs frequent training. This road has been travelled before and the step are laid out in front of you. Stick to the paths that have real evidence supporting them. The HIT crowd is full of big believers and whip up the fear of overtraining. Don't buy it. Don't be a believer of your book. Be able to discern what is good and what is not. You'll be able to do so with more knowledge.
  11. Thanks man. I doubt I will have time to. I would like to though. Maybe I will post a weekly update.
  12. 11/11/15 Hit some stairs today. There's this sweet set of stairs in La Mesa going up the side of a hill for 3 blocks or so. 295 steps and pretty steep. Just 4 rounds of running up with 20 squats at the top and running back down. The guys that were with me refused to do anymore. Just a lil overtraining to pound in the conditioning.
  13. You guys are so scared of overtraining. Lol. Like its the boogie man. Overtraining is the worst mistake someone can make? Overtraining is anything more than what is precisely needed? What exactly is that? Keep your blinders on boys. I did Matt Perryman's squat everyday routine for 6 weeks after getting stuck on 275 on the starting strength 3x5 squatting twice per week. After squatting 5 days per week for six weeks I was squatting triples of 355 and hit a single of 375. No belt, no suit, no drugs. Just a little overtraining. Was I sore? Hell yes. The foam roller and lacrosse ball was my friend. Overtraining is a mistake? I think not!!!
  14. Eiji


    My tendinitis was gone after 2 months
  15. 11/10 4 days out!!! Training: session 1 3 mile trail run with 900' elevation in 30:07!! Just blew the doors off that one with 2:15 improvement!! What the hell?!? The first mile sucked big time, it always does. There's 600' of climb in that first mile and it hurts like a SOB! and I can't seem to get that mile in under 12 min. I dug in after that though. One thing I did differently today was have a pre-run drink of 12oz rice milk plus 8oz soy milk with about 1/8 tsp sea salt about 10 min before the run and another of the same after I got home. Session 2: I mounted my rings from a higher part of the garage which now allows me to do muscle ups and dips with my legs straight. Sweet! I should have done that 6 months ago! Ring Muscle-ups x 2,4,4 Archer ring dips x 5,4,4 Bulgarian ring dips x 5,5,5 Tricep push-ups x 11,10,10 Tricep push-ups - starting position is from the elbow plank, push up from there is one rep. This was a good power/hypertrophy workout.
  16. 11/09/15 Another night of wonderful sleep. I ought to keep that up. AM training 5 mile trail run with 1250' elevation in 51:36. 19 sec improvement. Feeling really good. I made it to the top a minute faster than previous but didn't quite run as fast on the way down. PM training Ring Rows x 15,15,15,15,15 +7reps HLR toes to bar x 12,12,12,7 +2reps and added a set I was going to do some archer dips but the strength wasn't there so I skipped them. I'm happy with the progress on rows and leg raises. Particularly the rows which for some reason I've never been super strong on. I'll be doing sets of 20 in no time.
  17. Smoothies, soaked oats, avocado sushi rolls, big pots of chilli for multiple meals. Totally doable. I'm about to start a 16 week fire academy that will be 12-14hrs away from home every day so I'm planning the meals out now.
  18. Oh sorry I listed bench/squat/DL when I should've listed it squat/bench/DL.
  19. 11/07/15 Today was going to be rest, studying and helping my son get caught up on some homework. I went to bed early and got about 9.5 hrs of solid sleep in and was feeling great. Got in some studying but got a bit antsy. I noticed my back muscles feeling strong and just a tiny bit of a residual soreness in my chest. So I thought I might as well take advantage and put a little training in. That's the advantage to a home setup. Training: Pull-ups x 15,15,15 +3 rep Pike ring push-ups leg extended x 10,10,10 +6 reps Chin-ups +50lbs x 6,6,6 Archer ring push-ups x 10,9,8 Overall felt very strong and made huge progress on pull-ups. I'm reaching where I was previously with the pike push-ups. The archer push-ups blasted my chest and I was blown up like a pectoral balloon from the massive pump. I cannot begin to express how beneficial the rings are. If I had to choose one training implement it would be the rings. They are that awesome. +=improvement over last session
  20. Some of them are. The conditioning and trail running workouts are hard but fun. My strength workouts aren't very hard although I do push to make improvements. It's kind of a bummer that I like these different training styles. Improved running ability negatively affects squat power but I guess powerlifting and calisthenics could go together although the lower body mass gained from squats slows down upper body calisthenics progress. If crossfit wasn't so retarded I'd probably be into it, but I just can't get over how stupid high rep oly lifts are and those awful kipping pull-ups....I know guys that can do many kipping ring muscle ups but not one strict one. Wow how'd I get on this rant. Lol. Must be dehydrated from the run. Ok I'll bring it back around. How hard a workout is does not necessarily correlate with its effectiveness to produce the change you're looking for.
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