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  1. A lot of studies point to 0.8g protein/lb body weight being enough. Some say 0.6 is ok. A lot of the pros are between 1.0-2.0, but the studies show that doesn't make any difference. I am for 1.2 but realistically it is more like 0.8 for me.
  2. 10/24/2015 Was supposed to work out this morning, caught up on sleep instead. Going to try and do it tonight but have to go cheer on friend in mma tournament. Last Sleep: Slept 9 hours. Breakfast: shredded wheat Lunch: TJ's indian food Dinner: Thank you I was actually wondering that... So if a week has gone by I should just move on to push/pull. I will do that. But hopefully I won't have to as I improve time management
  3. I recently bought a business. I am $120,000 in debt for my business and $230,000 in debt for student loans. Most of my time is spent working or driving to and from work. I often feel tired when I get home from work, especially when I didn't sleep much the night before or when I eat poorly. I find that lack of sleep begets poor eating (due to lack of prep time) and poor eating begets poor sleep and exercise habits. This week I fell into the all too familiar routine of not getting enough sleep, not having time to prep my meals in the morning, and then eating poorly, and then feeling too tired to work out. One of my main goals for posting here is to improve my awareness of this negative cycle and correct my sleep/diet so that I can have better and more frequent work outs. Time management is going to help me control my sleep and diet more than anything else. Ironically tonight I stayed up till 11:30 writing this log instead of sleeping; hope it was worth it. Arms 10/19/2015 BB Curls 3x5x85 Close Grip Bench 3x5x135 Preacher curls DB 3x4x45 Standing French Press 3x7x50 Bent Over 1-Arm Tricep Ext 3x6x25 Hammer Curls 2x4x45 Sleep: approx 8 hours Breakfast: Cant remember Lunch: Chili (black bean and homony) Dinner: Tofurky Sausage (2) stir-fry with veggies 10/20/2015 Unable to work out too busy with work and seeing an evil female. last time did shoulders: 8 days ago. Sleep: approx 5 hours Breakfast: Vega Shake Lunch: Subway sandwich + whole pack tofurky sandwich meat Dinner: Red Curry and rice 10/21/2015 Failed to work out feeling very tired from <6 hours sleep the last two nights. played a video game. last time did shoulders: 9 days ago. Last Sleep: approx 5 hours (had stayed up w evil female) Breakfast: Vega Shake Lunch: Veggie burrito, chips, soda Dinner: Spaghetti w Tofurky Sausage and Brocolli Cardio 10/22/2015 Boxing 90 minutes after work. Last Sleep: approx 6 hours (had stayed up playing a video game, gah really bad) Breakfast: Shredded Wheat Lunch: Red Robin Boca Burger, Fries, Soda Dinner: Cant remember Shoulders 10/23/2015 Did not finish todays work out because got held up seeing someone after work. Last time did shoulders: 10/12 (11 days ago, should be 7! gah) Last Sleep: approx 6 hours (stayed up working, should have just saved the work for daytime) Military Press 4x4.7x110 Upright DB Rows 4x6x60 Front Raise 4x6x45 Reverse DB Flys 4x6x22 Shrugs 4x8x160 Breakfast: Taco bell 2 bean taco, 1 burrito, soda Lunch: None Dinner: Red Robin Boca Burger, Fries, Soda Thank you. I'm planning to integrate squats 3x a week. The last couple months there was something in particular making me fatigue and sick feeling, so just being done with that will be good for me, but my diet and sleep is going to be big for improving the fatigue too! I'm not sure what my TDEE is. I did spend a couple weeks attempting to calculate it but I just couldn't find the time (a big issue for me). I have been between 170-174 lbs for over a year now, have lost some fat and gained muscle . Thank you. I will incorporate squats 3x a week. I listed 2 meals because that day had not been completed yet/I had not yet eaten dinner. I am 28, male, 5"10, 172lbs. My longterm goals are body building/appearance. Since I am early on I am focused on strength. I also incorporating some cardio in the form of boxing and running but that is more for social and confidence purposes. Priority is body building.
  4. I've had a bad september and early october where I struggled to complete my work outs, often feeling fatigued and sick. I've had to de-load across the board on every exercise. Part of the reason I am posting here is to help get me back on track. I think this forum will also help me build more awareness about healthy eating. I am feeling pretty good today- things are looking uphill. I haven't been able to capture that great feeling from working out today, but I know it will come back with discipline and repetition. Breakfast: French toast and vegan sausage Lunch: Veggie 'Salami' Sandwich and Edamame Dinner: Taco bell 2 burrito 2 bean tacos and soda Back/Traps 10/18/2015 Weighted Pull Up 4x6x35 Deadlift 4x6x145* One Arm DB Row 4x7x70 Bent BB Rows 4x7x120 *My deadlifts aren't getting better because I often skip them, get lower back pain, so I am constantly deloading and asking for advice on my form.
  5. Hi. I started lifting a year and a half ago, but became more serious just this year. I started with Starting Strength and then moved to a fairly standard bodybuilding 5 day split (Chest, Back, Arms, Shoulders, Legs/Other). I'm happy to receive advice about my diet and the lifts. Here is my starting values (from 5 months ago): Chest 05/06/2015 Flat BB 4x5x130 Incline DB 4x8x10 DB Flys (Bands) 4x8x10 Dumbbell Pullover (hadn't started this yet) Pushups 1x20x0 Back/Traps 05/08/2015 Weighted Pull Up 3x4x25 Deadlift 1x4x160 One Arm DB Row 4x8x30 Bent BB Rows 4x8x70 Arms 05/09/2015 BB Curls 1x4x50 Close Grip Bench 3x8x50 Preacher curls DB 4x6x25 Standing French Press 4x8x30 Bent Over 1-Arm Tricep Ext (hadn't started yet) Hammer Curls 4x8x25 Shoulders 05/10/2015 Military Press 4x4x80 Upright DB Rows 4x8x25 Front Raise 4x8x15 Reverse DB flys 4x8x10 Shrugs 4x8x100 Since then I have worked out: May - 16 times June - 17 times July - 16 times August - 18 times September - 12 times
  6. It is very sad, but there is a lot of pressure to be hush hush about pointing out other people's unhealthy habits. For strangers, it's rude, and I can understand that. But somewhere this slippery slope has had terrible consequences: It is now taboo to discuss friends and family's weight. So many Americans are obese that they are now the majority, and spread false information under the guise of a 'Fat Acceptance Movement' or HAES (healthy at every size). Doctors are afraid to discuss obesity and diet with their patients, following studies that show patients are less likely to return if obesity is discussed, and with the increasing importance of patient reviews. If you ask a patient to lose weight or discuss their weight and diet, it's been shown they will give you poorer reviews. For private practice, yelp and other sites are an important source of patients. For HMO practitioners, our compensation has become increasingly tied to our patient rating scores. We have every reason to encourage our patients to become fat and unhealthy.
  7. I'm new too, I live between OC and San Diego. You?
  8. Hi Eric, where are you from? A bench press and a pull up bar is mostly all you need! Ideally you'd have a power rack so you can safely squat and do other barbell exercises that require the barbell to be high up. I would see if you can trade the barbell rack in for the power rack cage. That is what I have now, along with an adjustable bench, Dumbbells, and 2 100lb bands there really is no exercise I can't do.
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