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  1. Also perhaps if either of you could help with this, whenever I am doing my pull-ups and I bend my knees I start to swing slightly, not much, but enough that I want to get rid of it, what is the best way to do that in the bent knees dead hang? Thanks!
  2. @eiji and @vegan_rossco Thanks a lot guys for your advice! Yeah I definitely get what you are saying about those exercises in regards to crunches, sit-ups and body weight squats. Just in regards to the knee raises, I have a doorframe pull up bar so I can't hang completely straight with legs fully extended, so obviously I have to bend my knees back at a 90 degree angle, can I still do the knee raises effectively like that? I would just worry about eliminating swing. I've just started to move onto more difficult push-up variants as well to keep it interesting and effective. Thanks for the help on sets as well, to be honest I've only been experimenting with circuits these last two - three weeks, mainly to try and save time, but looks like I'll just have to get myself up earlier!! That doubles idea seems great as well, definitely going to implement that as well as upping the sets. Rossco, in regards to sprints would flat surfaces be good or would you recommend a slightly steep hill? Also would you put it into the routine itself or maybe do it on the rest days and couple it with a short 5 k and place sprints throughout the run? I'm about to head to uni in about two weeks and I intend to join a gym when I get there, but I also am going to build toward pistol squats.. Thanks very much for your help guys, gonna stick with it and go in much harder from now on. Regards, Michael.
  3. Thank you man!! Appreciate it! Digging it so far!
  4. to make a slight amendment I actually way arounf 151 pounds... I read the scales wrong haha
  5. Hey Nathan, you look awesome dude, your physique is something I am aiming for with calisthenics too. What is your training schedule like? I'd like to compare ours. I've been going about 4 months. Thanks!
  6. Hey whats up guys, so yeah, Im a new vegan since about 3 months ago, been training for four months doing mostly bodyweight exercises and all that good stuff. I'm 18 years old from Ireland and am very much enjoying the lifestyle. Great to join the forum and see all this inspiring stuff in regards to veganism and bodybuilding/exercising, hopefully I will be able to make a positive contribution and help inspire/motivate some people eventually. Don't really have that much else to say.. just made a post over on the progress page so if anyone wants to check it out and give me some advice please do! Peace, Micheal.
  7. Hey guys, new to the forum here, and I have been a vegan nearly 3 months and training for about 4 months I'd say pretty consistently. Just been doing mostly bodyweight, used dumbells for biceps for a while before I got my pullup bar a couple of weeks ago. (working my way up to 4 pullups... that shit is hard! ) Since starting my training I've gone from about 161 pounds to 141.4. I've stopped losing weight which I'm happy with and have just been focused on muscle development. My diet is very clean and I do all my own cooking, so no real questions there. Although any good recipes and that stuff is more than welcome, plus post workout/ preworkout meals. Anyway I just want to use this as a motivator/progress diary mainly and I will try to post up once a week or once every two weeks. Initially I was pretty motivated to get a six pack (like most 18 year old lads..) but now I am moreso into just exercising for health and allowing all that stuff to come whenever it does. My training schedule is as follows, three days a week, in a circuit style, Pushups, Pullups, Squats, Chinups, Sit Ups, Back Bridges. I do all till failure and the bridges for 60 secs. 3 rounds of that. 2-3 min rest between rounds. Do you think I should do more rounds? If anyone has any other good exercises to suggest then please do and how I can make my training more effective. Thanks a lot. Any general advice is good. Peace and love, Micheal. Apologies for the not so good photos!! Before: ]http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/320x240q90/673/A00vHc.png Current: ]http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/320x240q90/910/hds4jG.png
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