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  1. Yo, Daniel Negreanu here. Just took a look at your meal plan post and it looks quite different than the one you promoted in your previous book. When I read your old book I was already on a path in line with what you are doing now as opposed to before. I also saw that you are no longer with Vega. Does this mean you no longer use their products at all? Also I see that you have green and fruit smoothies on your list, but are you adding any added protein to those shakes? I also noticed the complete elimination of tofu or tempeh. Do you no longer eat tofu? I've been gluten free for a year, avoiding wheat and have noticed the difference. I do a smoothie in the morning and a post workout smoothie with a combination of fruits, greens, nuts, seeds, and either Vega protein powder or Pea Protein. I also eliminated oats a year ago after doing a food allergy test claiming that my body was sensitive to both gluten and oats. I'm considering adding back the oats. Have you ever done a food allergy test?
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