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  1. yes you are right. All problems root cause is gut. currently i'm taking some supplements colostrum bifido probiotic - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Probiota-Bifido-Caps-Seeking-Health/dp/B009I35HMG?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00 coconut - i react to canned coconut milk this may be the additives, but i'm fine with the raw meat. vitamin d3 vitamin b12 raw garlic 1 clove a day oregano oil - 5-6 drops a day before meal. fermented products give a problem because i just found out that i became histamine intolerance because of my poor gut health. I'm going to try adding black walnut and milk thistle. after i added coconut and garlic in my diet i start having headache, brain-fog and a pain around my eyes for a day. This could be die off symptom. Also i have found a home remedy for headache or heavy headed + brain fog. My mum used to do it and she got this from her's mum which is used in ancient medicine. all you have to do is fill a bag of 3-4 rice in the pillow cover, tie them of not very tightly to make rice pillow, and rest you head on it when you go for a sleep. try different positions during the sleep, and on the next morning you will please fresh and have a relief.
  2. jmf: thanks for your post. as you mentioned i will be re-introduing it back to see if the protein suplement may be the culprit. because my gut is leaky ("leaky gut") any thing could be a trigger, so i'm not sure to blame it on the protein powder. it could be the whey protein i had previously wreck my gut.. currently i'm healing it by avoiding anything i'm allegic to now, and yes it is tough to live with only certain foods. also do you guys react differently to sprouted vs un-sprouted rice/ pea protein powder. i'm thinking to get one for my self.
  3. what i found out is that all protein powders including vegan protein powders are not whole food they are processed. when the protein powders get processed they form MSG, and they are denatured which your body doesn't recognize them any more compare to the whole food. plus most animal and vegan protein brands contains toxic (google it.). but i heard that hemp protein and spirulina are safe but who knows if you are using that in daily basis then they will wreck your system. http://www.dailybitesblog.com/2014/01/28/protein-powder/
  4. well. it is quit strange to pinpoint the underlying cause. when i was underweight i used to eat white bread every night, but now i can't eat any wheat products they break me out. i need to get my protein from some sources either from beans & legumes or vegan protein powders, any one could recommend me and specific brand or do you guys actually relies on protein powders. currently i'm using bulkpowder brown rice protein, bulkpowder pea protein and reflex pea protein (they all are uk brands). i wonder does beans cause acne as well. since it is not digested properly so the undigested portions then could build toxic inside the body i guess.
  5. hi i'm new to this forum who is looking for a solution to solve my acne which i'm experiencing for more than 3 months now. Little bit about before vegan and after vegan i used to be under weight for long 3 years during my universities. very care full on what i eat i have very very tinny bit of meat and medium portions of grains and mostly veges and haven't had a single acne on my face. last year i was start bulking and gained reasonable amount of weight. i was eating chicken Brest, lean beef, when protein powder, oats, eggs , peanuts, almonds, fish, brown rice and bcaa and glutamine. this for for 6 months and still my face was clear. 4 months ago i starting to realize that this is not a healthy way of dieting and starting to give up whey and replace with pea / rice protein and incorporating beans and legumes in my diet, this is when i starting to realize i'm starting to get acne this is when i'm starting to cutting. then i thought it could be all the meat i eat for this past 6 months, so i cut them as well and replaced with beans and legumes and vegan protein shakes(pea/ rice). i managed to control it which is better than before but i need get acne at leat once a week, especcially on my cheeks.. i also realized that peanuts especally fatty food also the culprit so i cut them done as well as eggs and oats as well.. and no more bcaa and glutamine since they increase the igf-1. i'm not sure whether the vegan protein powder i'm consuming is causing this or the beans and legumes. my mind is keep going back and forth, whether should i switch to the bulking diet i was doing , but i dont want to only look healthy i want to feel healthy as well. so i like the vegan diet but not sure whether it is appropriate to me. any one who have similar experience please,please try to give some advice..
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