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  1. I prefer guarana instead of coffee. guarana is a good coffee alternative that contains caffeine which is a well known stimulant for the CNS (central nervous system), muscles and heart. It is widely used as a stimulant to give you an energy boost. If interested read more on guarana at http://www.supplemented.co.uk/products/guarana-2000mg-capsules
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    Vegans are healthier long term than their meat eating counterparts. Vegans have much less instance of diseases, heart problems, obesity, and will even get colds and flu less frequently than meat eaters. I became a vegan last summer, and so did my son. The winter before we became vegan, my son had gotten no fewer than six colds. This last winter on a vegan diet he has not even had a runny nose or a cough. He is taller, more muscular, and has better sleeping patterns than the average for children his age. So if you are vegan don't worry about long term...you'll live a very long, healthy life if you stay vegan
  3. Hi all, Just joined. Day 1 a vegan having been a vegetarian since 1985....yes I know: what took me so long!! I started working out this year and am not even sure how my diet is supposed to change especially now that am hitting the gym. I would love to interact with you and learn from your experiences as vegan body builders. Many thanks
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