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  1. Hip thrusters are a good exercise but still might put stress on your lower back. I would definitely give those a try though.
  2. If your looking for a different routine check out layne nortons ph3 routine. Ph3 stands for power hyperthropy and 3 as in the big 3 lifts squats deadlifts bench press. It's a dup program. I'm running it and getting good results.
  3. Slow steady state cardio for long times will burn your muscle
  4. It's tough for me to hit 160 grams a day lets just say I go through a lot of protein powder. When I went lower around 100 gram I felt I lost mass and less recovery time from workout but I use unflavored bcaa that help me out a lot 2.
  5. .8 grams per lb body weight in protein and .4 in fats works best for me.
  6. Their is nothing wrong with creatine and yes that is a good brand. Creatine is the most researched supplement out there. For gaining weight try nuts and peanut or almond butter calorie dense food. Satisfies my sweet tooth
  7. Hey everybody I've been reading the forum a lot and just decided to join. Well to tell everybody about me a little. My name is kyle college student studying exercise science. Been weightlifting since I was in highschool I'm 25 6'0 205 lbs. I'm a competitive power lifter and want to start competing in natural physique or bodybuilding. I'm working on turning vegan right now I still eat whey eggs and fish. Still trying to find the best ways to get enough protein being a full vegan. Want to change my life style for health reason. Thanks everybody for the awesome information
  8. I wouldn't go straight to eating at bmr calories you will end up gaining weight becuase of your almost in starvation mode. I would add calories slowly over weeks and keep track how your weight is doing each week. After a long cut I always reverse diet back up to maintence calories to avoid putting on unwanted weight from jumping my calories straight to maintence.
  9. You could try blood flow restriction training you only go up to 30% of your 1rm I use it for legs biceps triceps and chest when I don't feel like going heavy that day the reps are 30/15/15/15 minute break between sets. Worked really good for me getting back into the gym after surgery
  10. Layne nortons ph3 program is pretty sweet!
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