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  1. I've been vegan 11 years, but I'm pretty new to macros and protein powder. I've been using Whole Foods Plant-Based Recovery Protein and am thinking of adding additional hemp protein. Given that both of these are pretty high in Iron, has anyone ever had a problem with getting too much Iron due to a combination of powders and diet?
  2. I love coffee, but I now limit it to the morning/pre-cardio, because it was affecting my sleep and promoting anxiety. If you're dealing with bitter coffee, maybe you need to change up the brewing method. I used to need non-dairy creamer, but the more I learned about coffee, the less I needed it. Have you tried a french press? The other option would be to use Almond, Coconut, etc. Milk and a Torani flavored syrup. Maybe you could mix some coffee with vega mocha protein powder?
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