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  1. Hey sure man, I'm very busy but I should be able to make some time. I'm out of the country for a couple of days but when I'm back I'll hit you up. I hope I can workout some more and eat more food than I'm doing now:) Haven't worked out but I do pullups every day, sporadically when I see something I can pull myself up with.
  2. Some more light weight lifting today: Tri-sets of crunches, cable crunches and hypers. Seated front press: 34kg x12 x10 x8 SS w/ Wide grip chins: x12 x10 x8 DB inclines: 24kg x12 x10 x8 SS w/ DB pullovers: 22kg x12 x10 x8 DB rows: 24kgx8 28kgx8 x8
  3. I always do dips using 2 chairs, placing one on the left and one on the right and grabbing the arms so I have a neutral grip. I also have to balance them so they don't collapse by pushing outward a little. I always tuck in my lower legs so my knees are lowest and go down till I touch the grass with my knees. That way I know my reps are pretty consistant. Just went and checked outside and it's actually a tad below parrallel, but I'd call it parallel.
  4. Teusday I had some leg stuff planned but did not do it, only had 4hours sleep and a very busy day. The good side is I'm physically very active all day every day and my legs are being worked all the time really. Yesterday was arm day and did: Crunches, cable crunches and hypers in tri-set style. Tri-set Reverse curls: 20kg x20 x15 x15 Hammer curls: 12kg x10 x8 x8 Pulley pushdowns: some light weight: x15 x12 x12 SS: BB curls: 30kg x8 x6 x6 Dips:no added weight x30 x28 x20 Light weights, happy about the dips though. And even though the weights are light my forearms where on fire after the first set of the tri-set. No workout today, tomorrow is upper body day.
  5. Hey Johan, you also had a break in training and now getting back into it I see. Keep at it man! Thats funny, my pr's for dips and pull-ups(palms facing away) are 38 and 19
  6. Right, lets do this and keep at it! After not training for a while I hope I'm back, starting slowly and minding my left ham(I pulled something a while ago). This evening I did: Tri-set 1: Seated front press: 30kg x12 x10 x8 Wide grip chins(palms facing away): bw x12 x10 x8 Lateral raises: 12kg x12 x10 x8 Tri-set 2: DB bench: 24kg x12 x10 x8 DB pullovers: 18kg x12 x10 x8 Seated lat row: 50kg x12 x10 x8 Not to hard, fun though! Some(bad quality) recent pic's: http://s5.tinypic.com/33aujja.jpg http://s5.tinypic.com/2em2wy9.jpg
  7. Hi all, Been a while since I posted, hope you are all well! I've stopped working out for about the same period, also my diet has been less healthy, still ok though but very little food compared to what I was eating. So I lost some muscle/strenght and some fat, was about 74kg now weighing 65kg.(Still stronger than the average person though and I think I look better now compared to my avatar pic:) Just started training again a week ago, I am more ripped and all bw exercises have improved, the Iron has become heavier though. Just did dips and had a PB of 38reps. Though improvement in bw exercises seem logical considering the weight loss, I was surprised to get 38reps after not working out for such a long time! Hope I will keep at it, I'm very busy with completely other and not very compatible things so it's hard. (htfu, ffs!) I'm also being carefull with legs, I pulled something in my hams(when not working out), I almost don't feel it anymore but I'm still being carefull. I'm doing light deads and one leg squats at the moment. Not looking to get huge anymore, being healthy and strong at around 70kg with low bf is my goal now. See you all around!
  8. Personally I think your cals are way to low. I also don't believe in eating very low fat to cut. I believe you need enough good fats whatever your goal is. I'm shorter than you and I'd lose weight if I only eat 2000 cals. I need about 3000-3500 to stay at where I'm at now and 3500-4000 to gain(muscle). I feel fine eating lots, not tired, always full of energy and I never get sick. I almost can't remember the last time I had anything, even a runny nose. I geuss everyone is different though. I do get edgy when I don't eat enough. 2 reasons I reckon, not enough fuel and knowing that I will lose muscle.
  9. Maybe some things are getting lost in translation. Vegans abstain from all animal products and by products. Since whey is derived from milk vegans don't use it. In other words it's not vegan.
  10. Everything you need to know can be found on this site: http://www.exrx.net/Lists/Directory.html If I where you I would get more weights and adjustable DB's, a bench and some kind of (squat)rack. IMO that's all you'll ever need really.
  11. Hallo mac, welkom op het forum! Ik ben zeker dat je al de info die je zoekt hier kan vinden.
  12. http://i29.tinypic.com/358995h.jpg This is the crappy phone pic I posted a couple of days ago, just to kick-off the thread. I'll try to get a decent camera pic instead of my phone later
  13. Hey Lean and Green, I think you are a nice guy and obviously not stupid. Though after reading a little about that institute I feel it's even more insane as I tought. To be honest I feel they are worse than the guy who ripped you of with those clothes, not to mention dangerous. I think you feeling better after having a colonic etc. is a placebo effect. I almost fell of my chair when I looked at the prices. Have a look at this: http://www.ncahf.org/pp/colonic.html , http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/colon-cleansers-are-they-safe , http://www.cancer.org/docroot/ETO/content/ETO_5_3x_Colon_Therapy.asp . I don't want to offend you, actually I care otherwise I would not post this.
  14. Thanks Robert, thats a huge compliment! Here is another crappy phone pic: http://i29.tinypic.com/358995h.jpg
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