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  1. I've been doing well keeping to a consistent workout routine, 5-6 days a week at the gym, along with lots of cardio due to my favorite activities (trail running, cycling, soccer). The only thing is I'd like to spend a little more time in the gym a few of the days, but trying to figure out the logistics. Right now I hit the gym during my lunch break downtown, so I really only have about 30 minutes of actual lifting time. There's another gym near my house that I go to on the weekends. I'm just curious about the benefits or drawbacks of going to the gym 30 minutes at lunch, then another 30 in the evening? Would it be essentially the same as 60 straight minutes? Would there be any concerns with stressing the same muscles after a half-day rest? Am I just over-thinking it? Thanks.
  2. 18 years. However, I've sort of answered my own question since I posted this... since I had about 25 pounds I wanted to slim off, I decided to really focus on that, without reducing my calories too much, and also keep lifting just to maintain my muscles. After a few months I reached my goal, and then started working more towards bulking up with muscle, by increasing the weights and more clean calories. This seems to be working - I think our bodies all react differently, so sort of just listened to what mine needed...
  3. I've recently been applying the strategies laid out in Shred It!... I am noticing some muscle growth after 3-4 weeks, and feeling good, but just have one problem: One of my main goals is to slim down. While I'm gaining muscle, it just seems like I'm having to eat so much that I'm not really losing the fat at the rate I was hoping. If my goal is to get lean, but at the same time get toned and stronger, without just getting big for big's sake, how should I adjust my routine? I'm currently lifting 5 days a week, typically 45-60 minutes a time, and also getting between 45-90 minutes of good cardio in a day (cycling, trail running, stair stepper). I'm focusing on eating per the advice in Shred It, with about 70-15-15 balance and based on my BMR. Thanks!
  4. Hey, new to the forum, hello! I've recently re-committed to getting in great shape again. Up until a few years ago I was always active in soccer, cycling, trail running, etc. Family life with a young kid put a damper on that, and I found myself pretty out of shape. I'm 38, male, 5'-7", vegan 18 years. With my body type I'm 'fit' at 160 lbs. Around Thanksgiving this year I got to my heaviest, at 180, and decided to get back at it and make fitness a priority. So a few months ago I started hitting the gym regularly, cut out almost all of the beer (true Oregonian hop lover), and started spending more time on the bike and trails. Recently finished Robert's book Shred It!, and am totally dedicated to following it. I do have a few general questions: - My legs are naturally always very strong and bulky, partly from genetics, and also that most of my activities are leg-oriented. Since I don't need or frankly want my legs to get bigger, would it be stupid to just leave out leg days and just rely on usual sport activities to keep them in shape? - I've been doing good keeping with a whole foods, roughly 70-15-15 diet, consuming about 2000 calories, about 45 minutes of cardio a day and 5 days of weight training a week - which based on my BMR of 1750, should be about right for losing fat if I'm understanding it... but after a month I've only lost about 4 pounds. I realize I'm likely gaining muscle, too, but I really should be quite a bit lighter, and just haven't seen any decrease in belly fat. Is this normal, or is there something else I should be doing? Thanks, All!
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