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  1. I found a program for beginners in a book at the library but the only exercises for legs the first 8 weeks are - deadlfts - squats My nr 1 priority is to build up my butt, would these two be enough? Or should I add something? Then there's other exercises for 8 weeks after that and a third set of exercises for the 8 week after that. 1000 push ups? LOL! I can't do more than one...
  2. I've spent a whole week just eating sooo much food, so i think I'm up at about 110 lbs by now. 110 + 1000 + things have calmed down at work now but I'm still up on my feet for 6-8h, 4-5 days a week. I'm thinking around 1750 on non working out days and 2000-2100 on working out days. I eat mostly low fat high carb foods = traditional vegan stuff I guess. Fruit, veggies, beans, lentils, pasta, rice, bread etc. I don't like oils (they break me out) and don't eat much processed foods (too expensive and very salty). I'm getting some weights for my birthday next week but as a beginner I'm not sure how low/heavy to start with. I've started doing a program with my little 2 kg dumbbells (4.4 lbs x 2). Would 10 kgs (2 x 5 kg) be too much? I want results but I don't want to injure myself...
  3. Sorry, forgot to mention - I am female. And yes, I can afford some weights but not sure how heavy (I'm thinking long term)? I calculate my bmr to be about 1260 if sedentary / 1500 for normal stuff like getting up in the morning, not including my job or any exercise. Should I eat about 2000 cals? I really don't want to end up gaining a lot of fat and look worse than when I started (I had a bmi of about 19.9 and was out of shape in general. "Skinny fat" I guess). Also worried that cardio at this point would keep me from putting weight on (esp muscle). Before I started losing weight so rapidly I had just started doing some - squats - lounges - deadlifts In a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps each with my little 2kg dumbbells + bridge exercises + Light jogging/walking 30 mins on my treadmill 2-3 times a week + light yoga (beginners) in the evening to unwind Should I just go back to that but with more food? I really want to get some results before summer!
  4. I recently lost some weight (bc of work) during a few stressful months and I now want to start gaining some back, mainly muscle but obviously some fat as well (that's the easy part ha!). I have always done cardio (for fun) but know very little about strength training. My main focus is 1. my now flat butt 2. tone up the flabby thighs/legs 3. strenghten my bad back/shoulders Any beginners programs? I can't afford to go to a gym so no machines please. Every program I can find has a lot of cardio in it, shouldn't I avoid cardio? I have a bmi of about 16 so i pretty much look like a stick now.
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