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  1. I just completed ph3 phase 1 using really really light weight, after not having lifted in over a year. After about a month to get my muscles adapted and mind back in the game, I am going to repeat phase 1 with my real maxes and see what kind of gains I am able to make. I am also working with the wonderful and talented Katie Coles to find macros that work for my body and allow me to drop weight. I have not been around or lower than 15% BF since I was a pre-teen. I hope to attain that over time. This will be a log of my journey... February 15, 2015 I used this day to figure out my current maxes for the ph3 program. The following lifts were done: Bench 95 x 6 135 x 3 155 x 1 175 x 1 185 x 2 Max: 190 Squat 95 x 3 115 x 3 135 x 1 155 x 2 175 x 2 195 x 2 Max: 200 Deadlift 135 x 5 155 x 4 185 x 4 225 x 2 245 x 2 Max: 250 Current Macros Days 1-3 - 200p/160c/55f Day 4 - 195P/230C/65F Dropping carbs by 20% on off days from cardio/lifting.
  2. The first issue vegans may face when trying to gain weight and increase muscle mass is the failure to eat excess calories. To gain any type of bodyweight, it is required that the body receives more calories that it uses and with the highly satiating nature of plant foods, this may be a challenge. To avoid filling themselves without actually taking enough calories, vegan who are training should focus on plant foods other than highly satiating and low calorie vegetables. vegans can have a hard time getting the needed amount of protein from their daily diet. Non-vegan bodybuilders are able to depend on a few high-protein foods such as chicken, eggs and milk. Deprived of these options, vegans must concentrate on eating plant foods that have reasonable protein contents such as legumes, nuts and cereals. When eaten in the right amount and combination, these plant sources will supply you with a decent amount of protein as they will give you a surplus of energy that will allow you to train hard. Another problem vegan bodybuilders are likely to face when trying to meet their protein requirements is the dearth of complete proteins in the plant diet. To overcome this problem, vegans must learn about the amino acid profile of major plant food sources and come up with combinations that will provide a full amino acid profile. A well-known example of what is being explained here is rice and beans. This meal and the likes of it will supply your body with all the amino acids required for muscle retention and muscle building. To further improve their diet vegan people have to research and learn about various plant foods that contains nutrients fostering muscle recovery as well as plant super foods. An apparent example of this concept is pineapple. This plant is the number one source of bromelain that fights inflammations and boosts muscle recovery. Vegans should remember that they have at their disposal this great muscle building food as well as several other super foods such as sacha ichi, quinoa and chai seeds. what do you think ? Can you build muscle on vegan diet ? Please share your opinion !
  3. Hi guys in this new topic i want share with you the best 5 exercises for bodybuilding just in home : As you know there are several tools you can make use of when starting bodybuilding at home: A weight-belt, a pull up bar, a dip stand, a workout bench and some weights. 1- The first bodybuilding at home exercise is one you have probably done before. It is called push ups. There are a lot of ways you can do the push ups depending on what muscle group you want to target. The push up is great for your chest, your triceps and shoulders. To challenge yourself, I recommend that you either make use of a weight belt, or put a weight plate on your back. 2-The second bodybuilding at home exercise is pull up. Pull up is a great core exercise for muscle building and can also be performed in a variety of ways, you can for example choose to do a wide grip or close grip. Pull up works on your back and biceps. 3- This bodybuilding at home exercise is the dip. You need two bars for each hand that you can push yourself up and down with. Remember to keep your elbows as close to your body as possible to really work on your triceps. If you want to work on your chest, slightly bend your back over a bit. 4- If you want to work on your abs there are tons of ways to do this. You can do it on a yoga mat, on an abs bench or even the pull up bar, to name a few. 5- If you want to work on your below-waist area, you can use dumbbells to perform lunges or even squat. And if you want to be specific and work with calf muscles, you can put weight on your thighs while sitting down and pushing up with your toes. I hope these exercises helpful for you.
  4. Hi guys this my first topic, i want share with you some muscle building tips : 1. Proper eating and good diet: most of the men make a mistake of not maintaining proper diet with work out. Getting on right track, you may need to monitor your eating habits and also exercise to achieve your muscle building goals. Have the proper proportion of every nutrient like carbohydrates, fats and proteins by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. 2. Water is best partner: water is the most vital for muscle building. This is very easy to understand the importance of water but unfortunately most of the people neglect its effective importance. Water cleans your whole body and prevents from the problem of dehydration. You should have more than 8 glasses of water every day. This is one of the most easy muscle building tips but most of the people overlook its importance. 3. Follow exercise in routine: if you want to get good and effective results in less time, then including exercise in your routine would be the best way. You can do it manually at home or you can join gym for it to get regular with the exercise. I hope you like it.
  5. Hi! i'm new here. my name is Alex Sean and I'm 20, Is there a welcome ?
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