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  1. Hi everyone. My name is Ashley, I'm 27 and I've been into fitness my whole life. I have always eaten healthy when it comes to processed foods and sugar intake but about 3 months ago I switched to Vegan because of the overwhelming evidence proving animal products are bad for us (the documentaries about the cruelty of the farming industry obviously played a big role as well). I have committed to the lifestyle and my husband is completely on board with me as well. I have gathered hundreds of recipes and tips on cooking vegan and love the meals I have come up with. Now heres the bad part; before, like I said, I already ate healthy and worked out often (we have a pretty sufficient amount of gym equipment in our garage). I weighed 126-127lbs at 5'4". I have a muscular build since my favorite thing to do is lift heavy. Now, 3 months into this diet I am up to 133lbs, I have the worst acne of my life, and I get headaches a few times a week. My husband on the other hand has lost 2 pounds but otherwise feels perfectly normal. I guess my question is, has anyone else had a rough time transitioning and is it normal for my body to go through these changes? I've also been worried about getting enough carbs and protein so gluten free pasta, rice, quinoa, and sweet potatoes are the base of most of our meals. I obviously throw in lots of fruits and veggies, nut milks, and soy products like yogurt and tofu. Do you guys think I could be eating too many carbs for a female my size? Keep in mind though, my headaches usually accompany a bout of hunger when I'm at work and can't get to a snack right away, so I try to at carbs to maintain energy levels, but I also feel like they are to blame for my weight gain. I'm just confused, frustrated and need some advice. Please help!
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