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  1. thanks for the tips..a 35 min run last night confirmed that a half marathon much later in the year seems like the more `doable` event rather than less than 4 weeks!
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    half marathon

    Hello folks. Long time vegan here..(vegetarian in 1982,vegan for about 20 years,now 45 years old). my back ground is in martial arts and cross training (mainly kettle bells and jiu jitsu) broken up over the years with some running and weight training and yoga.i do NOT consider myself an athlete in any shape or form! anyway my wife and i have the crazy idea to try and run a half marathon at the beginning or march here in los angeles.The goal is good i have i been somewhat sedate the last few months (other than yoga) due to work/animal rescue. As total beginner runner do folks here think this is a doable thing? the little i have read suggests running 3 miles 3 times a week and a longer run on weeekend with rest/cross training on non running days. any tips on a decent training plan.diet etc would be much appreciated!
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