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  1. I am picky about what I eat. It is not on purpose but I just don't have the taste for many vegetables. "texture of food is what really makes me picky. Specially cooked. Some foods seem to mushy. I am trying to convert my diet to not eat meat. I let go of cow and slowly fazing out others, but I can't seem to ad enough sauces or spices to make my veggie meal taste all that appetisizing. Any advice on how or where I can find reall good sauces or spices to add to the lovely vegetables? I like lots of spices. Example curry or thai dishes have spices. I don't eat dairy either. Veggies I do like Onion Tomato Carrots Peppers (all colors) Lettuce Cellary Spinach Potatos Raddishesp broccoli avocado herbs of all sorts
  2. I have been struggling with my small frame. I want to bulk up but have had problems because I have little time during the day to work out and second I can't find anything to really keep me motivated except trying to get bigger. It seems that with shakes I got bigger but I ended up getting horrible heartburn from the unnatural protein. I have decided to follow a more vegan route. Where are good places to find good vegan nutrition for bulking up? Also any good routines? I have small bones so I have to work twice as hard to look bigger any help would be greatly appreciated. - Thanks RaIN
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