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  1. @VeganBadass_CO and @twwalks Thank you for sharing some new information ! really appreciate it. I would like to shed a little more light regarding my question. A healthy stress-less lifestyle is always something I'm looking to have and when it comes to eating I struggle most (physically and mentally like what to eat and how much). I'm not really aiming for a huge bodybuilder mass but something much simpler - I enjoy working out, my workouts consist mostly calisthenics, compound movements etc (weights are used very very rarely) so what I look for is just a fit body, for example let's take Frank Medrano's body. It's not huge but he's ripped and that's the results I'm aiming for, well, maybe put on some more muscle. Anyway, back to my question - can such body type be achieved (time is not a factor, even if it takes years - slow but steady, not looking for instant results but to make it an ongoing lifestyle) by simply eating RAW vegan food, as mentioned without supplements or processed meat replacements, shakes, pills. Just the stuff the mother earth gives us. And will it really give me all of the nutrients my body needs? What I've been eating lately is: lentils,veggies (all of the kinds), fruits, beans, seeds, nuts, grains. Any other suggestions will be rewarded with a virtual high five
  2. I was wondering if it's possible to get to a respectable size (fitness body) while being a raw vegan without any shakes or supplements, only and only food. I am Vegan for a bit longer than 6 months, now I remember at the time I used to eat meat my growth was fast while during these six months I feel that almost no progress is achieved, I changed my workout routine several times, my dieting schedules, i tried everything and I feel like I only getting smaller (I am making sure I eat enough protein). Can you please answer me this: Is it possible to become big and shredded eating only raw vegan food (no tofu or other processed meat like products and no shakes, JUST food) also, some examples for meal plans or people who did it will be really helpful.
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