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  1. I agree with what's been said above. Calisthenics can be a great exercise to gain lean weight. It's more about what kind of training you are doing. You can train for: 1. Hypertrophy ( the gainz) 2. Resistance / endurance 3. Strength/ power Depending on the number of reps and sets, etc. You can also use weighted vests, bands, etc if needed.
  2. Second video of the saga One year of Calisthenics, Street Workout and Martial Arts. Also some capoeira and acro yoga. Music by yours truly. Enjoy and comment. Cheers
  3. Honestly, I train for strength and tricks. I don't follow any specific routine. The only routines are for progressions iin case I'm going for a difficult move like the planche.
  4. It helps preventing stretch marks from the volume loss on many areas like your lower back and so on. Apply after shower over wet skin.
  5. thank you!! It's appreciated. I'm now training 3 days a week only and recovering Progressing though. I found some rest weeks, or even days, can boost your energy. Straddle planche. Check. Can't wait for vacations to shoot the 1-year progress video haha. Cheers
  6. Great work and will. Are you using almond oil or similar after shower? Makes a difference on your skin. Keep it up!
  7. Sorry for the late response. And thank you for yours. I train everyday. 2 hours minimum. I go for tricks so I train accordingly with specific progressions now. Strength training mostly. Also flexibility, joints and martial arts. Now preparing for tricking. I also warm up for 20-30 minutes as I'm too old for serious injuries haha. I just listen to my body and have some rest days when I feel like so. I'm almost 40 y/o but I've done lots of similar sports like capoeira and martial arts so I think your background is key when it comes to bodyweight control. Progressing too fast may be dangerous for some people. I've seen 1-year calisthenics athletes in competitions and I was floored haha so I guess it's all about what you've done before. That said, I feel I was progressing a bit too fast for my joints so I lowered it down a tad now and found out I was even stronger. Rest is important, too. Sometimes I overlook that. Cheers
  8. Try to make it stronger. Handstands, reverse leg raises, etc are good exercises. You need to talk to your dr so you do the right exercises or even rest, though. Massages are great for me.
  9. Congrats. Nice project. You can talk to specialized companies but check local steel/wood related businesses too that may make some equipment on specifications.
  10. My first video is up now. I´ve been working out for 9 months now (with another 6 months of conditioning and prehab in the gym). I've done a lot of sports before, most of them related to calisthenics) and I'm almost 40 so the progress has been very fast here. Check it out. Feedback is appreciated. Music recorded and mixed by me. Cheers
  11. Salute! Another vego in the hood. I'm from the Canary Islands, Spain. Long time lurker so about time to register and share some words and thoughts. Some info on me: Sports: (currently) calisthenics, streetworkout, martial arts, capoeira, yoga and whatever. Been doing sports since I was a little boy and practised judo and karate. Food: peanut butter. Drink: pineapple and coconut juice. Supplements: pea-rice protein and some creatine from time to time. Music: my own. Cheers
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