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  1. Excellent story, glad to hear you are recovering. I have been bed ridden too and it feels great to be up and moving. Welcome back, looking forward to hearing about your Soloflex gains (I have no idea what this is). Say hi to the cows for me tomorrow morning!
  2. I agree with you 100% the whole sun scare is bullshit and it annoys me immensely. Humans are built to be outdoors and its part of the reason vitamin D is essential and is synthesized from sunlight. I remember first becoming curious about the sunscreen push when there was an article about melanoma and the sun tanning industry. It was saying how fake tanning is billion dollar industry. Well the sunscreen industry is a 30 billion dollars industry. There is also lots of research that the products included in sunscreen are extremely carcinogenic. the EWG puts out a guide to sunscreen which is good. Other then that read this http://www.muscleforlife.com/sun-exposure-and-skin-cancer-is-sun-protection-as-important-as-we-think/ it highlights lots of the research that shows that sun scare is essentially bullshit. Avoid severe sun-burns, other than that you are good. I also read an article a long time ago but I can't remember where but about research showing that the danger from the sun comes because people are exposed to it as it is filtered through glass, which filters out one of the UV spectrums but not the other, thats why office workers have a high rate of melanoma. Can't add anymore to that but I think its interesting, that more and more we hear about it while people see less and less sun.
  3. I don't think its inherently unsafe, humans have been walking down hills with weights since forever. Just make sure you are staying focused, absorbing the force and pushing your knees out so that you use your glutes.
  4. Depending on your training background you can do both, it is only really possible as a newbie. Whats your current diet and training regiment like?
  5. http://www.jackedonthebeanstalk.com/ Don't know about the quality I have had some friends do bikini shows, and I have worked with a couple people in person for shows. It depends on your budget and your commitment. The girls I know were paying serious cash.
  6. I think it is do-able, I have read diet plans where people do it, very very tough though. If you are just doing it for weight loss purposes its kind of hooey. In most studies a well controlled vegan diet outperforms low/no carb diets every time. The reason you lose alot of weight really quickly when you go keto is that you run out of glycogen in your body which is hydrophilic aka it attracts water. So when you run out of glycogen and go keto your body dumps a ton of water. Thats why most people who go keto gain back almost all of the weight instantly when they come back off it. If you are crazy keen on fast weight loss in a ketogenic form, there is the velocity diet. Which is essentially you drink 5 protein shakes/day (easily made protein) and then have 1 full meal a week. You do it for a month I believe? and you lose a ton of weight but you feel like hell (one guys gums started bleeding like crazy), but if you are in a rush. I have lost 25 lbs in 7 weeks before just by reducing calories and increasing activity, without dying. That was a lot in there, hope that helps
  7. When I ate up around the 4000cal range it was just about consistency and discomfort. I think you have to realize its going to be too much food and its not going to be fun. I never wanted to eat that extra 1000cal but I did. I would eat a normal meal, be full. Then start a second meal. If you are really diligent about eating all day I think it would make it easier but I don't know who has a lifestyle where they can eat every few hours, I am way to busy. Aside from that take advantage of smoothies. If you are really against fat fine, but then focus on liquid calories as much as possible. The fat does make it much easier as everyone here has mentioned.
  8. Whenever I personally see skin issues, immediately I think there are issues in the gut. http://www.naturalnews.com/021914_large_intestine_skin_health.html# As you mentioned you have a leaky gut, so I would put a lot less emphasis on what you are eating and more on what you are currently missing. Go on a heavy gut healing routine. This usually includes 3 things, 1. Lots of beneficial bacteria, through un-pasteurized fermented foods such as sauerkraut + kimchi + coconut yogurt. I also say take some intense probiotics for at least a month 2. Killing bad bacteria, there is tons of information on how to cleanse the bad bacteria, I have done lots of different supplements such as black walnut, oil of oregano, there is a list of all the ones. (http://myjourneywithcandida.blogspot.ca/2010/07/herbs-and-supplements-that-help-rid.html) 3. Try limiting allergenic foods while you are doing this. Usually alcohol, grains, peanuts, soy, etc etc. Don't have to do it long term but just while you are repairing your gut. Also focus on reducing stress because it can really impact your gut health. If you do a month of that I think you will notice you respond better to a number of foods. Personally I used the above steps and I got rid of acne and I some bad eczema. Hope they help
  9. So I think if you just want a physique like Frank's you just focus on strength and volume. He is really small like 155lbs I think. Which is really easy to do with a vegan diet. You don't even need to focus crazy amounts on nutrition just make sure you are getting enough to recover from workouts. You will start to notice that how well you eat and the amount you eat will affect on how fast you get sore and how quick you can recover. Focus on just getting really strong and doing tons of volume. Achieving that physique, while raw is definitely achievable and easier than most fitness physiques. Lentils, veggies, fruits beans, seeds, nuts, grains are all great. You seem to have it figured out. I would just confirm you are eating a lot still because if you train hard your requirements go up, and most raw diets tend to underestimate the calories they are taken in. Other than make sure you train very very hard. With a focus on 1.strength and 2.volume. Bodyweight stuff can handle tons of volume without overtraining. The strength/weighted stuff has to be more carefully controlled.
  10. I think It depends on A) your current bodyfat and B) your training experience. Losing fat is quick, but the less muscle you have the harder it gets.
  11. Man, that was awesome. What is your training schedule like? Music's not my jam but hey everything else was awesome.
  12. It is definitely doable it is just hard work. Eating whole foods + raw means you are going to be taking in a ton of fiber and water weight with everything you eat so that you will get full quickly. This is great for weight loss but not so great for muscle and weight gain. I know tons of people who have struggled with weight gain on a cooked omnivorous diet, and its about 5x easier when you are taking in bad foods to put on weight. So the raw thing is great for yourself but tough for weight gain. This article summarizes a lot of it really well http://www.nomeatathlete.com/gain-weight-vegan/. The shake he makes can also be adapted to be raw pretty easily. Essentially you need to eat a lot. Let me say that again. EAT - A - LOT. Other than that workout a bit differently, dan john has a pretty good ebook on gaining size called *mass made simple* essentially he says eat more, workout less frequently, accumulate a lot of time under tension. 30 rep squats. Hope theres something of use in that rant
  13. Nice work! I was just in Melbourne, awesome city. Some of the best vegan food I have had!
  14. Hey Everyone My name is Thomas. I am a 25 year old university student. I have been Vegan for about 5.5 years now and working out seriously for about 4.5 years. I have worked as a personal trainer. I started out in the usual bodybuilding bro-style training. I eventually moved into a crossfit gym. It was there where I got into training with some competitive crossfitters. I have recently taken a break from that and am now focused more on olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and interested in getting my physique back up to snuff. Current goals are on increasing strength and flexibility while hopefully making some improvements to the physique. Excited to have a community of like minded people! -Thomas
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