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  1. Getting close to five months now complete vegan! Hoping this website can get me pumped to get back into doing weights and build a new physique that is plant strong! *VEGAN ROAR* If I get back into it enough, I'll probably get some youtube vids happening with my progress and some vegan related vids. Shenmue 3 is happening!!! Not vegan related, but this is big news to fans of the series such as myself. VEGAN POWER to all that took the time to read my first thread!
  2. Second post on here, will need to introduce myself after this post! I've been vegan for the last four months and has been a really easy transition from being veggie. I'm sure you'll find a tonne of info on food preps on here and vegan related sites. You probably already know, but a protein powder containing both rice and pea is ideal from what I have read. All the best!
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