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  1. I used to take a lactobacillus casei supplement such as Yakult daily and was very happy with it. I was wondering if there are any vegan substitutes that may also reduce flatulence and promote overall digestive health. Thanks.
  2. Does anybody take them? Its supposed to help with fat loss. Any thoughts? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conjugated_linoleic_acid
  3. Yeah, it sure is expensive but I'm refering to the other kind. I've been hrrmmm passing gas pretty bad lately to the point that it kinda sucks as I've had to hold'em while I'm in class. I already eat a varied diet with plenty of fiber, fruits and veggies but I also do drink protien shakes. Is there anything I can take to help?
  4. Usually the competitive athletic professional part of the activity is overshadowed by the public negative militaristic outlook on just a small segment of the game. I'll be competing March 30th in a 5 man competition taking in Huntington Beach, CA. Check out: http://www.nppl.tv/site/ My question is are there any other vegan paintballers out there?
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