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  1. Hi there! I want to start working out again, because I've gotten really out of shape over the past years. Years before I did a split bodyweight routine like push, pull, core, legs. I have a busy schedule so I'm thinking of doing full body workouts, because I'm unsure I could get 4 days of workout every week. MY question is. If I can get 4 days every day in theory, would a 4 day full body workout give me the same results as a 4 day split? For example. When I did a 4 day split mentioned above, I did 4 excercises for each group. So doing 4 excercises for each group splitting it to four days would be the same as doing 1 excercise for each group (push, pull, core, legs) every day? Of course not the same excercises every day just like in the 4 day split. Because I would be hitting the muscles just as much as in the split, just the recovery time would be different. So what is you opinion on this? Thanks All!
  2. I want to start working out again and do it with my girlfriend. Our goals are different she wants to lose weight I want to build muscle mass. I know it needs a different type of training but I want to a part together. I used to do mainly bodyweight training, Mark Laurens program, wich contains of ladders, interval training, supersets, stappers, tabatas(HIIT). Doing research everywhere I read that cardio is not too effective in weight loss, but weight training is. We don't have too much time on our hands to work out, but would be good to do it at least 3 times a week. What kind of workout schedule would you do?
  3. My other concern i calories pre-cooked and cooked. For example raw chickpeas have about 364kcal/100g, canned chichpeas have 124kcal/100g. Is it the water uptake, or do food lose calories when cooked? It's confusing a bit.
  4. Has anybody tried it? I've red some good things about creatine here. Now I'm not a big supplement guy. But I'm pretty skinny dude (183cm and 70kg) and a really hard gainer. I thought maybe with a bit creatine I can boost my gains. would be cool to go up eventually to 80-85kg. I've red kre-alkalyn creatine is better, but there some who says it's worse. Any opinions on this?
  5. I am not against fat, but if I go above a specific amount, I feel sluggish, and have lot of mucus in my nose etc. I feel lot better on a high carb diet. Would love to achieve a physique like Avi Leyhani, and his profile says fats are only 15%/ of his diet and he has that "man of steel" kind of physique. I know probably one has to have the genetics for that too....but is it really nescesarry to eat 4-5 thousand kcals a day to achieve that? If I go above 3000kcal I feel discomfort and feel my digestive system is just massively overloaded, even after 2-3 weeks I didn't feel I can get used to it.
  6. Now I'm 183cm tall and 67kg, I'm pretty skinny. In the summer I had surgery so I went down to 63kg, but came back up to 67kg. I eat in between 2000-2500kcal on an avarage day. 2 years ago when I did bodyweight training regulary and stuffed down 3000kcal or more a day I went to 70kg. But I want to go up to 80kg, with mostly muscle of course. A 3000kcal diet usually was this for me: Breakfast: 1000kcal of oatmeal, or cornmeal or 10 banana green smoothie. Lunch: Usually grains with steamed veggies, etc. 1000kcal Dinner: Usually beans or lentils with some veggies around 1000kcal Some fruits in between as snacks, and a handful of nuts and seeds afterwards Could go to 4000 with 5-5 bananas more in between snakcs, but I'm really on a budget and can't afford it. Also somehow my appetite isn't that good lately, I get bored with the most delicious food to easily, and after that I feel I'm just stuffing myself. I coul go up to 20-25% of fats per day, but I don't like to mix high carb foods with high fat, and somehow it's not that good to eat even 600kcal for example from some nuts or seeds :S
  7. Well, I'm doing a low fat vegan diet, something like the forks over knives thing. I do eat nuts and seads, but don't really like to mix high carb with high fat in one meal.
  8. I'm really skinny, and want to pack on some mass. But I feel hard to eat this much calories. If I have 5-6 meals a day, even with the most delicious foods after about 600kcal I get bored of it, and have to sutff it down my throat :S So how do you guys eat this much calories?
  9. No oil or maybe just a little bit added...
  10. Hey, I've been following a low-fat vegan diet for some while now, really like the froks over knives recipes, but it doesn't have too much recipes for millet and buckwheat, can you share some please?
  11. I think you are not eating enough calories. Go up to 4000kcal, first 2500, when you get used to it to 3000, etc. 2000kcal is just enough to maintain your current weight, and if you are doing sports, it's not enough. Get a 1000kcal from fruits or cereal for breakfast, example: 10 bananas green smoothie or 250grams of oat meal, snack on some fruits in between breakfast and lunch, get a good 1000kcal from grains and lots of veggies for lunch, pre-workout get about 500kcal from fruits or a good green smoothie, with tons of greens, a 1000kcal from legumes after workout, and end the day with some whole food fat sources, unhulled sesame seeds(u can put them on salads, really tasty), poppy seeds, peanuts etc. about 300-600kcal. Hope this helps.
  12. Recently I bought canned beans, because it's a lot faster to make them, it say 100g has 53kcal, as for beans that weren't pre-cooked says 277kcals in 100gramms. How can this be? :S
  13. Been to Subscribe concert last night, it was hell of a party They are a hungarian metal band, but they sing in english
  14. Yeah Alissa left The Agonist I'm a bit curious if she is goping to be able to express herself fully, because there was never clean singing in Arch Enemy, and seh is an awesome singer. Eyes Set To Kill: This girls has some great vocals
  15. Some new favs: I just fell in love with Maria Brinks voice The butcher babies are hot as hell Did you know that Alissa-White Gluz Arch Enemy-s new singer is vegan? She was the lead singer of The Agonist before joining Arch Enemy
  16. Ok, I decided to cut it, just not shure what kind of style should I get, I don't want it too be too long to get in my face, but too short like thos few mm kind of hair types. Any suggestions?
  17. I was searching for plant baser protein powders and only found hemp protein in my country http://www.naturudvar.hu/feherjepor.html 500g - 15dollars How long would this last?
  18. I'm unsure about fluoride http://www.violey.com/en/apeiron-auromre-ayurvedic-herbal-toothpaste_p_2075.html I used this for 2 years, cleans the teeth good, but it got really sensitive, since I started using toothpaste that has fluoride the sensitivity is gone
  19. My chest, I have a bit of pectus excavatum and I hate it :S Sometimes I want to grab a hammer and smash it to little pieces
  20. I think SLS is a much bigger problem in toothpaste than fluoride
  21. I neved missed it, wasn't a big meat eater before.
  22. I've used fluoride free toothpastes for about 2 years and my teeth got really sensitive to everything. I started to use fluoirated toothpastes again my sensitivity gone away. Nowdays I use Elmex wich contains amine fluoride http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elmex But used Oralseven products as well. Couldn't find any info if these companies test on animals or don't, but helped my teeth a lot. Alverde, Logona, Dr. Organic, Faith in Nature, Apeiron are probably all vegan, tried alverde, wasn't too satisfied with the results, use apeiron, clean great but after a while my teeth got sensitive
  23. You want to be vegan or raw vegan? Because veganism isn't all about just raw fruits and cucumbers, do you eat grains, beans legumes and other stuff? There aren't many things in my city either, but it is mostly managable. Also if you go out like for a pizza, you can ask for a pizza without cheese and meat. I don't think you could not get full of that. Do you eat enough calories and a big variety of food? Also if you go back to eating cheese and eggs, don't judge yourself and don't feel guilty, try and search for more quality foods possibly from local farming where they don't hurt animals. To be honest I haven't been fully vegan for the last couple of months, I've been eating goat cheese and eggs that I know come from a good place, lot of people probably going to throw bad things to me because of this, but I'm not that "crazy" vegan anymore. Meat eating gorsses me out too, probably never going to go back to that, unless if I would not have any other chance of survival, but hope we won't come down to a world like that.
  24. I don't want to shave it bald, I want it like in my first pic, maybe a bit longer. I'm a bit bored of taking care of it all the time and stuff. Also my hair is pretty curly and light weight it never looks like the way I want it.
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