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  1. Richmond Vegetarian Festival? I'm not familiar. If you could give me some specs, perhaps I could make a visit up there........
  2. Would anyone like to help me out here? I just need a crash course into how to prepare it. From what I understand, a good way to do it is to press it until its just a block, then marinate it. Now I'm sure this is VERY basic, and I would like to know EVERY SINGLE way to make.....just kidding...just a few basics would be more than enough. Thanks in advance Brandon Boyd
  3. I've been a Christian for many years now and I have to agree with compassionategirl. The original design for us was to simply consume the plants in the garden, which would also be consumed by the beasts of the earth. The only correlation between us and the beasts was that God instructed us to rule over them. As far as the Prince of Peace condoning such acts, in the Old Testament, there were quite a few animal sacrifices...............not that that means much, but still, it happened, and it pleased God. Interesting read though is Numbers 11. People crying out for meat because they were sick of manna, Lord gives them quail, then while the meat is still in their teeth, he drops a plague on them. Sounds sort of like today. People who consume meat are far more likely to develop cancer, heart problems, etc...(the plague). Coincidence, I think NOT!!!
  4. Hey Ladies & Gentlemen, I'm a newly converted vegetarian. I made the decision over the past week. I've gotten sick and tired of feeling lethargic and honestly sick of the excess weight I've gained. I used to compete in bodybuilding, then I got married, started a job where I'm not too active and it's been downhill every since. I just haven't felt healthy for a while, so I knew it was time for a change. Anyway, good to see a site like around for support. Look forward to watching it grow. Brandon Boyd
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