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  1. The Lady Soma Cranberry Concentrate tablets is the ONLY product that seems to halt cystitis in its tracks before it becomes unbearable & I have found over the years that if I use it as soon as the first symptoms of an attack appear, I have no need of antibiotics. Unfortunately it is only available online at their website and on Amazon. but is definitely worth the shipping cost.
  2. I have very sensitive allergic skin and the Made from Earth Pure Aloe Treatment is in my opinion excellent it is not greasy and soothes the skin initially taking away the itch, a little goes a long way and worth paying a bit extra for a cream that works. This is also steroid free so you can use on the face and on a daily basis.
  3. DO NOT USE LASER for lyperpigmentation!! Its too strong and will make it worse!! These treatments are very expensive. Since we have sensitive skin anyway, what works is using products with glycolic acid as that is gentler and will take away the hyperpigmentation over time without BURNING it off (which wil leave scars). I use two creams for my hyperpigmentation and I have seen results in one month of daily use. (1) the Made from Earth Pure Aloe Vera - I use this on my body, and (2) the Lady Soma Renewal Serum - I use this on my face. Aloe is a safe, gentle and effective method of treating hyperpigmentation, while the Lady Soma Renewal Serum has gentle gycolic and hyaluronic acid that takes the pigment away without the laser burning.
  4. I full support wearing long skirts with no underwear to let air get to the perineal area for women who have a history of chronic infections. I used to get chronic yeast infections, but now, when I feel one coming on, I dont wear underwear and I take the Lady Soma Candida Pills. Those two things combined make sure I never get the yeast infection, and if it starts, it goes away in 1-2 days.
  5. i have not had an eczema outbreak in two years - here's what I do: -Wear cotton or soft fabrics. Avoid rough, scratchy fibers and tight clothing. -Take lukewarm baths and showers, using mild soap or non-soap cleanser -Gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel – do not rub. -Apply a moisturizer (I use the Made from Earth Valencia Orange Lotion) within 3 minutes after bathing to “lock in” moisture.
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