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    Hi There!

    Thanks to all of you for the warm welcomes! I feel even more thrilled that I decided to join in the forum. I am traveling for business right now, but when I can sit at my desk I plan to be more active in the forum and possibly post my training/nutrition/photos(gulp!). Lean and Green -- as you deduced, that is not me on the Raw Forum. I am new to all of this. In any case, thanks for your input on starting a ljournal -- the idea of being "held accountable" coupled with others' knowledge and support is just what I need to push me a bit more. Thanks also for appreciating my handle and my commitment to veganism. I'm sure you're in it for the long haul as well! Thanks again everyone!
  2. NoWhey

    Hi There!

    Hi Everyone! I have been a vegetarian for 17 years and a vegan for about 14 years (and counting!). I am a female working toward gaining a LOT more lean muscle mass and it ain't easy! I regularly visit the site and am encouraged to see that one's fitness goals can be met without compromising one's beliefs. I have finally mustered up the courage to introduce myself (hope I'm doing this right, as I've never posted on a forum before). Who knows, maybe I'll get into this and post photos and my training/nutrition plan at some point...could use the encouragement and advice. You all look phenomenal and it's inspiring! Thanks for being out there!
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