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  1. I'll go along with whatever the majority chooses, cos I'm easy like that !
  2. I dislike myspace and I am sure if I ever looked at facebook I would dislike it as much lol
  3. See, they broke the mould when they made me
  4. I love that look too All those muscles and veins on one body .... heavenly
  5. It's a very nice bike - is that the correct thing to say about a bike ?
  6. I just posted this in the wrong section so am reposting here Here is a list of some of the competitors. There is also a british guy taking part called Troy Brown - check him out, he has a great physique. I will be supporting him because he is a fellow Brit Melvin Anthony Gustavo Badell Adorthus Cherry Toney Freeman Kai Greene Deshaun Grimez Phil Heath David Henry Dexter Jackson Johnnie Jackson Victor Martinez Desmond Miller Ronny Rockel Silvio Samuel Branch Warren
  7. no dear you are aren't too strange
  8. I don't care what we do or where we stay so long as I can spend my time "admiring" the men with very large muscles I am easily pleased lol
  9. I still don't get myspace so won't even be attempting facebook !!! When I had myspace up for all of a couple of weeks I just kept getting random "friend requests" from strange people allover the world !!
  10. Well I dont smoke, dont mind if you drink but am not sure if I snore or not and with the size of my chest there is no way I can lie on my front to stop it if I do lol
  11. Include me How can I resist the opportunity to see so many men with HUGE muscles
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