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  1. It's so great (as always) to see pics of you and your beautiful fur babies... hope you are well x
  2. only one way to say this really ... I GOT MARRIED I am on cloud 9 and will post some pics when we get back from Hawaii. Hope everyone is well Carmen x
  3. I've always been a lover of fruit for breakfast and have found I eat more and more being over here in florida. My fave is melon and berries
  4. Ah OK, thank you for explaining... time I wasn't here anyway take care Carmen
  5. Well, its been a while since I used the forum or messaging facility but for some reason my messages are getting stuck in Outbox. Is there any reason for this ? Carmen
  6. haha thanks. I have some ink Ive got a tattoo on my entire left ribcage. it needs to be touched up and a lot added to it til its complete. But I do plan to get a lot of ink. I'd love to be tastefully covered in great tattoos that mean a lot to me. but also have enough negative space on my body that it looks alright. heh. Men can never have enough ink or muscle
  7. You would look great with some ink
  8. I am misbehaving in Melbourne, Florida with a tattooed god I hope you are well. Ty for asking after me
  9. My entry has gone in, so we will see if the powers that be at PETA consider me to be their version of sexy or not lol
  10. I bet BB over here won't do anything like that
  11. Ty everyone I am considering an arm of butterflies and sure it will extend some way or another. It's so nice getting new ink though, I'd forgotton how addictive it is
  12. I got new ink, a butterfly on my arm and I am thrilled with the detail and how it has turned out. http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k11/carmenuk/l_75be1c295308a73fce5180cec82ca92d.jpg[/img]
  13. She is beautiful and will leave you with 16 years of happy memories...
  14. Very grown up ... resorting to using abusive language to get your point across!! When you can debate like an adult get back to me and we can continue. Until then I will ignore you
  15. Oh right, and you now speak for every woman in the land do you as you can obviously read our minds and know whats best for us !!! I find your comment very offensive as you are insinuating that women don't know their own minds. Its our bodies to do with as we please !!! How we choose to promote anything is up to US - or are we not intelligent enough to make decisions about our bodies ? !
  16. Who said the women are being used or abused ? You make it sound like they have no choice in the matter !! It really annoys me that people assume women who take off their clothes to promote something/model do so under pressure or are being exploited. Its their bodies to do with as they please and I for one would happily strip off for PETA if they asked me .. does that make me used and abused NO ! Give women of today some credit for actually being able to make choices about THEIR body and what they do with it Rant over
  17. It's looking really good Now what do you have planned for your next tattoo lol
  18. You look awesome and so pretty
  19. And they aren't leather so if they do I'll complain
  20. I have sent this pic in and finally entered the contest. http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k11/carmenuk/l_aa42e20b6a1454ccd4ed3b618848ab-1.jpg[/img]
  21. Many congratulations.. I hope you have many many happy years together and raise lots of vegan babies
  22. I will cross everything for you and I am sure you will get there
  23. I just a clip about you in the VIVA magazine. It says you have been selected to enter Mr Universe in december.
  24. Ok so its either going to be number 1 or this ... http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k11/carmenuk/2007115231926.jpg[/img]
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