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  1. hello and welcome from me
  2. skipping rope is cheap, takes up no room and you can do it anywhere
  3. I found Beverly Hills really amusing. There are people on street corners selling maps to the "stars" houses and you can go drive round and look at their houses - although the houses are set really far back and there are huge gates. There are also lots of security firms checking you out incase you stay too long I sooo wish I was there
  4. Where have you hidden veganmadre ? I haven't seen her and her fab cupcake pics around for a while !
  5. Lucky !!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like you are having far too much fun without me !
  6. Sounds perfect You have such great ideas
  7. The pics look great .... Im not sure if I am more envious of the weather or the fact you are on muscle beach !!
  8. Aww cute pics and a very nice bicep in the first pic
  9. I would think that Vegans would compete in natural federation contests rather than go up against the big steroid users... I'm not sure about professional vegan bodybuilders, but I am sure Robert the Oracle will be able to set us straight when he is around
  10. Tigress

    my intro

    Hello and welcome from me.. It will be great to meet you and your family in the summer
  11. John placed 7th in the Australian. Here is a pic of him on stage. http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k11/carmenuk/DSC_0146_VLUPDKTMZC.jpg[/img]
  12. Hello and Welcome from Me ...
  13. Hope you get well soon .. You should try to just drink water if nothing else to help stop dehydration
  14. I wanna live in the US, maybe we could swap ?
  15. Hello and Welcome from Me
  16. But while he's offline our online romance can flourish freely! Ty for that positive thought lol
  17. I'm sulking you went without me !! Hurry home x
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