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  1. Hi Bradley We have something in common I am a Robert Cheeke lover to be lol
  2. Tigress


    Hello and Welcome from Me
  3. Tigress


    Hello and Welcome from Me
  4. I don't think its too much but realise a lot of people do. There is no such thing as too many muscles
  5. Happy Birthday and a Big Kiss from me Hope you have a lovely day xxx
  6. I didn't like becoming vegan very much in truth. I loved skinny bitch - if thats the right term- because parts of it made me cry so much... Maybe Ill give her my copies of those to read and get something like vegan freak too
  7. I KNEW you didn't love me just for my cupcakes! Shh that was our secret
  8. lucky you .. I had to pay to get large breasts lol
  9. If I was looking for a wife, I would propose to you veganmadre just so you could keep me in cupcakes forever
  10. Portland just gets more and more appealing.. I can't wait to visit
  11. I have a friend who is on the road to veganism and I would like to get her a book or two to help strengthen her resolve. If you were buying a book on veganism as a gift which one would you choose ? Edited to add, I already gave her a couple of cookery books so nothing needed in that dept
  12. Congrats on your 1000th post .. us girls need to get catching up with the boys in the post stakes !
  13. I'm not even going to look at the site. People like that just want attention, and to them any attention is good... In cases like this I find its best to ignore them and not waste time on them
  14. What a beautiful little girl ... she will always be with you, if not phsycially but in spirit... Im sorry you are having a bad couple of days ... get michael to give you extra hugs from us here xx
  15. If you get booked to do a photo shoot, then whoever booked you obviously likes the way you look. I would recommend you therefore arrive at the shoot looking in the same shape you did when you were booked or it could cause problems. Just relax and enjoy, its often a long boring day with lots of waiting around or sitting in make up but the finished results are always worth it I find. good luck if you are off on your first modelling job - be careful its addictive
  16. I want to try the elvis cuppers, can you make those please
  17. A cheap and easy to do anywhere form of cardio is skipping .... good luck though as its a killer
  18. Yes we get Alpro and you just reminded me that I tried and liked their soy shakes in chocolate and banana so thank you for that. With the plain soymilk, its the smell that actually puts me off.
  19. Plymouth is a lovely city by the sea, but it also known for its "Fish, seafood and cornish pasties oh and cream teas" .. I will have a search around for you though and see if I can find some vegan friendly places for you to eat
  20. I have never found a soy milk I like yet
  21. Tigress


    Fantastic pics You have made me want to visit India now
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