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  1. Please take your minds out of the gutter ... whatever did you think I meant ? I was merely talking about practising cooking, workouts etc I am far too innocent for anything else lol
  2. We can practise lots of things before vacation and not just cooking
  3. Walk the Line is on the TV behind me, so I am being serenaded by some great johnny cash tunes
  4. we have tmobile over here too I'm with orange - at least it sounds fruity lol
  5. Aww great pucker action Does this mean you will be kissing us all every morning on vacation ?
  6. Ty everyone for the lovely congrats Post 500 is reeling from the punch lol
  7. Ha ha you are so subtle... today I wore I (heart) vegan robert
  8. Ty Oh Kind One ... and woohoo to more shirts Edited to say, its because the forum is so friendly that so many people make lots of posts, so all credit to you and everyone here
  9. Tigress


    He is beautiful. I have a 5 yr old staffy girl ... she is very much a pampered princess (as all staffs should be) and the light of my life ... Ziggy looks the cutest as a puppy and once you have had a "staffy snog" there is no going back
  10. me 2 and I am only answering you so I can make my 500 post so ty for replying
  11. Ha ha you tell them they have no shame (says she who needs 2 more posts to get to 500 and thought she could make one in here lol)
  12. What a lovely idea. Mushroom walnut pate sounds yum
  13. how bad that school affects your social life lol
  14. I'm listening to silence, its lovely. Even has the odd bird chorus chipping in... Veganmadre it looks lovely with all that snow .... Im envious
  15. I didn't particularly like coconut until recently when I had it in a curry and now I could eat it all the time.. the ice cream sounds wonderful.... lucky you getting to make and eat coconut all day
  16. I got the usual stupid guy remarks when I wore my vest .. "if all vegans look like you, I'll convert" .... they could at least be original... one girl asked me some stuff though so that was nice. Think I will be back to wearing my very baggy "leave me alone" gym gear for now lol
  17. I'm happy to bring my lappy too, although it would need adaptors etc because your plug system is sooo different to ours !!
  18. I'm too greedy to fast ... soon as I said no food I would be starving and want to eat more than normal, so thats a no from me
  19. I never liked the taste, it reminds me of eating perfume - not something I would want to do ... the vegan society do not allow you to join if you eat honey
  20. Tigress


    Hello and Welcome from me... thats a cute doggie you have with you ... they need an intro too
  21. What about the theory that the brighter colour the food the better it is for you ... e.g peppers etc if thats the case then surely orange carrots are good food and I could never give up bananas they are far too nice
  22. I've still not tried to make it. I don't even know if I am going to like the taste and it seems so complicated just to try.. I thought I'd wait until vacation and try some of the lovely stuff veganmadre makes
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