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  1. Hi Melly! I don't want to be a jerk and plug my own site, but I am going to http://www.veganproteins.com Obviously you dont specifically have to order from there, but if you are ok with protein powders, there are tons of different protein sources besides just soy. (Not that I have an issue with soy, I just like to mix it up) There is rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein (which is usually just the whole food ground up, and it has lots of good fiber, also important on a low calorie diet), alfalfa protein, etc. As for foods (mmm, my favorite!), I am not sure where you live, but here we have something called "high protein tofu", and one serving has about 15 g protein for only 100 calories! You may have something similar where you live. Not all tofu brands are created equal! And dont forget all of the protein in leafy greens. 1 bunch of kale has roughly 12 grams of protein, for few calories, and it is absolutely loaded with lots of vitamins that you'll need to make sure you're getting on a low calorie diet. I really hope this helps!
  2. Hi Stephanie, I also abandoned this forum for a long time, so this is the first time I've read any of your posts, but I just wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss. And that you must be a very strong person to share it with us. Good luck with getting back into your training routine. All it takes is a few days in a row, and then boom, you're back in the saddle! Take Care!
  3. Hey all! So I have totally abandoned you guys and I am SORRY! hahaha. stuff gets so busy sometimes you know? So, what have I been up to. Well, I have two jobs. One is a professional hula hooper. The other is the co-owner of Vegan Proteins. Remember about 2 years ago when I said I was going to master the hula hoop?! TOLD YA!!! haHA! BUT, all of these good things have led to slacking on my diet and working out without nearly as much vigor as I used to. And Giacomo (aka Lean and Green) has been in the same slump. So last week we decided to really dig our heels in. We acquired a copy of the p90x system and have been hammering it out. I don't really think p90x is the be-all-end-all that some people think it is. But it is intense. And it is certainly not boring. And it is pretty much everyday for 90 days, so it seems like a great way to kick start our motivation again. We are also trying out the p90x diet, which we have painstakingly veganized. I am going to try and blog here frequently to post my weights and stuff like that. We are also blogging it all over at http://www.veganproteins.blogspot.com , which is where our embarrassing before photos are. haha. It's a good thing that VBBF made me used to posting pictures of myself practically in my underwear 3 years ago, or I might just be too shy to do this. I do have confidence that we'll make significant progress over the next 90 days. This is day 1 of week 2 and I am closer to doing an unassisted wide grip pull-up (one of my life goals! haha) Day 1 stats: Weight: 142.4 BF%: 21% (Giacomo and I both think this scale is off...although we're not sure which direction. but we will use it throughout for consistency) Week 2 stats: Weight 139.6 BF%: 20.2% GOAL Weight: 130 BF%: 18% How have you all been?! I've missed you!
  4. Natural Sun Warrior fits the bill. Also its not gritty at all. tastes pretty good. http://www.veganproteins.com for the best deal
  5. If it is such a bad neighborhood (which I am not doubting), why is this cop focused on jaywalking instead of ....i dunno extreme drug related crimes? And also, if it such an area prone to aggression towards cops, why is he alone? I was raised by cops, sergeants, and sheriffs--this doesn't make sense. UNLESS, it is not really that threatening, which it doesn't seem to be, because the worst that the entire group of people did(who could have easily taken that cop if they wanted to) was whip out their cameras. I'm not saying that these girls didnt over-react, but they were hardly a threat. I treat cops with the utmost respect even when i'd like to do just the opposite, but i also know cops unbelievably well, and i know that what they say pretty much goes, so you might as well do what they say. this is sad but true. He should NOT have punched her-period. If he doesn't know how to handle a situation that is that simple without resorting to punching someone in the face, maybe he should rethink his career? Whatever, the whole thing seems completely blown out of proportion and kind of ridiculous.
  6. Go back to it NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!......ooooooooooook.... I can handle that. will 1 g/lb cut it? And as usual, thanks for your speedy relpy!
  7. so i am thinking i am going to try this. I just did a 12 day juice feast, and I was afraid it was gonna suck, because who wants to not eat for 12 days. Well, itsucked for about 3 days, then I actually felt awesome. If I wasnt so scared of losing more weight, I probably would have kept going...well that and it's expensive. But I'm now back to eating 3 meals a day (down from the 6 I used to eat and despised), but I can already tell that I just dont feel as *good* as I did while doing nothing but liquids. My physique goals are currently just to get down to about 18% bf, which is where I used to be, right now i think i'm around 21.... :-/ (haha, it sucks to actually type that to the public.) but I dont really want to lose any more than 5 lbs tops to do it. I figured i's ask johan and cubby, since you guys seem to be the IF experts! I dont really know what I should be aiming to eat, as far as amounts go. I have strayed from my high protein ways. eating 150 g protein was just hellish for me, but it was nearly all shakes before. I've moved more towards whole foods, although I always have protein powder around if need be. I am cool with skipping breakfast and starting eating around 3 pm, as my last meal is usually at about 10:30, and I can workoiut somewhere in that window. Any other advice you could offer would be swell! Also, what are the effects of having a "cheat" day every other week or so? ( i usually go out for breakfast with a friend a couple times a month) Thanks for your thoughts guys, and thanks for doing all this research so us lazies dont have to <3
  8. ok this is actually my shape from 3 days ago. close enough. finally back down to my goal weight! yes! Now if only i could get my body comp back down to 18% bf.... IF anyone? http://i42.tinypic.com/34zht6x.jpg
  9. I am not even sure what language it is, and babelfish is useless as usual.... Hej Jag undrar vad det kostar med frakt beställa 3burkar ungefär med proteinpulver. Bor i sverige. Mvh Michaela it's just an inquiry from vegan proteins, but i would like to answer him or her! Thanks guys!
  10. Eeeeeee! I LOVE Nellie McKay! How exciting! Thanks Ducati!
  11. How coincidental. i was diagnosed yesterday with scoliosis. Major bummer. But I asked my new chiropractor about these. He said to get one that will actually work, you need to shell out for one of the more expensive ones, and also one that covers nearly your whole back and is fairly stiff. I hope this helps you. I'm debating over getting one myself, but I dont want to jump the gun since I was just diagnosed. If you have the insurance coverage (or a cool sliding scale chiropractor nearby), I would highly recommend going to a chiropractor at least for a consultation to get a true picture of whats really going on. I went in for some help with chronic neck pain which I though was just from anxiety, and I left knowing that my entire right side of my body is an inch higher than my left, one of my hips is turned out which is why I cant run, and I dont know how to breathe properly thus effing up my back even more. I would say it was worth it just to know. But as far as braces go, i'd say get the better ones.
  12. ......sooooo.....you're kind of insane.... I have seen a dog being killed in Korea, and it was absolutely horrible and disturbing to say the VERY least. But to imply that to "end all human life in Korea" is the solution, is hateful, racist, and moreover-ridiculously stupid. Not everyone in Korea eats dogs--DUH! Pigs are extremely sentient, intelligent and compassionate beings. Should we hope for a "disater that ends all life in" America? Euroupe? Austrailia? etc? Gimme a break. This line of thinking is just as sick and I would say sickER, than the general meat eating population.
  13. Hey if you're still having problems, just email me instead thats fine. Its: [email protected] Thanks for your interest!!!!
  14. If you've never ordered from VeganProteins.com before, but want to try some samples of what we carry, send me a PM and I'll send you a a little bonus pack so you can try it out. I know some of the products can be too spendy to buy them without seeing if you like them first, so I want to let people try the products first. Preferably I'd like to keep this to U.S. residents only, just for the shipping costs. But if you are in another country and REALLY want to try something in particular, PM me and i'll see what I can work out for you!
  15. Hey man, I enjoyed your working out video so much!!!! I would have thought a workout video would be really boring-but i really liked yours! The music fit perfectly and i liekd the editing a lot! Anyways-it seems like you are well on your way to your goal already. Your exercise routine looks good. I especially loved your....pardon me for getting this wrong...was that tai chi at the end? It was a really cool move. One I will try now, but you made it look so fluid! Also, you said you were thinking of doing maybe some lunges or something for your legs? I highly reccomend it and at least a few leg strength moves. I see a lot of men who soley dedicate their training to upper body and end up looking very dis-proportionate. Not that you look that way now, but just training upper body can lead to that. So I reccomend at least keeping some lower body moves in your routine, even if that isnt your main focus. Everything looks stellar dude! Keep it uP!
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