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  1. because i'm getting the nagging feeling that i am not. i have been using nutridiary consistently for a few weeks now and while i know that its not completely accurate, i'm only getting like 60% of the recommended daily value of calcium per day. i don't drink a lot of soymilk which i know is fortified, but i have always been under the impression that spinach, kale and broccoli are very high in calcium. so i looked it up and i see that 8 cups of cooked spinach has 30% of the RDV. 8 cups? cooked??? thats a lot of spinach.... i was wondering if and how everyone here gets enough calcuim.
  2. hi guys. i'm new to posting but have been reading this forum for months (i'm shy) and i just had to put my two cents in here. i just recieved my buckwheat protien and i had to try it immediately and it is awesome. pricey? kinda, but it's like dessert with just water. very cool.
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