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  1. hello, and welcome! Clean bulking on a vegan diet is easy. Lots of tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, brown rice, oats, quinoa, veggies, fruits nuts and seeds! YUM! Cutting is a bit tougher, but definately doable with a little planning. There are a ton of different vegan protein options out there that are fairly low carb. High protein tofu, seitan (which tastes very meaty), and faux meat products (which are high in salt if youre getting close to comp time). And there are also a slew of vegan protein powders for pre and post workouts and also when youre replacing 5 of your 6 meals with shakes come competition time. lol. my website www.veganproteins.com has several of them and will have more soon. PM me if you have any questions!
  2. You have to go to court for that ? Here they just distribute a good spanking and let you go about your business. Well, I didnt HAVE to go to court for it. But the officer said that if i went, she would try to getthe fine dropped if i go to traffic school. because my driving record is clean. BUT, as it turns out, the oregon is weird. (would thunk it?) and i had to put in a plea of not guilty, after saying that i AM guilty and looking for a plea bargain, and now i have to wait for them to send me a trial date.....really? a TRIAL? ai ai ai. whats worse, is it now looks like if they decide to NOT drop the ticket, then i get another $125 tacked on for court fees and such. so, do i pay the $190 (which i barely have because i just lost my job...) or hope they drop it and don't have to pay $315? hmmmmm..... also, i am tired and cranky today because of having to get up so early for court. yuck.
  3. Ok, so maybe some of you have heard of this before, but i havent. While i was looking up some information for veganproteins.com, I stumbled across this line called Figure 8 by Arbonne. It's a weight loss line that is geared towards women (surprise, surprise ) that is supposedly vegan and all natural. I, however, cannot find an ingredient list to save my life. Anyone else have a clue?....or is internet savvy enough to find it? Thanks guys! https://www.gofigure8.com/products/the_products.asp
  4. I'm about 95% fluent! p.m it to me! and if it gets to the point where you need someone to call, my best friend is brazilian and he will gladly do it for you!
  5. Another successful day in the life of dani! Veganprotein.com work: check. ate well all day: check. Gym: check. going to hang with Tanya and some friends and pick up giacomo from work. gotta go to court for a speeding ticket in the morning.....petrified. i hate courtrooms.
  6. we usually do, although im not yet savvy on figuring out how to change the site, but send me a pm of what youre interested in and ill see what we can do for you
  7. Why is it everytime I type a big long beautiful post, my computer decides to eff up??? Anyway! I'm BACK! Still at the gym, running veganproteins.com, and started my own hoopdance business. I am fully recovered from the eating disorder that almost landed me in the hospital and ruined my life. Nothing can stop me now! How is everyone doing? I have missed you!
  8. thanks guys! I think he was embarrassed that i sourced the site he copied and pasted. haha. and he had nothing to sya after your explainations. So, thank you. also, the way you explained it, even i undertstand it and yes, his exact terms were "simple and complex proteins". moron.
  9. I'm in a stupid facebook debate. This guy is saying that there are simple and cmplex proteins... And we'll die without both. I've never heard this, but regardless this guy is wrong in saying veganism will kill us. He also says eating junk food is like getting a flu shot. Lol. Anyway I'm almost sure this was copied and pasted from somewhere but I can't decipher it at all. I know you have a comeback for this. (That I will politely steal "Homomultmeric and heteromultimeric proteins" is simply expalined-The subunits of a multimeric protein may be identical as in a homomultimeric protein or different as in a heteromultimeric protein. The voltage-gated potassium channels in the plasma membrane of a neuron are heteromultimeric proteins composed of four of forty known alpha subunits. Subunits must be of the same subfamily to form the multimeric protein channel. The tertiary structure of the channel allows ions to flow through the hydrophobic plasma membrane. Connexons are an example of a homomultimeric protein composed of six identical connexins. A cluster of connexons forms the gap-junction in two neurons that transmit signals through an electrical synapse. Thanks guys!
  10. i couldnt watch the whole thing... that just made me sick.
  11. I am in no way, shape, or form suggesting that anyone's opinion be silenced. Everyone should be able to say whatever it is they feel, as long as it is respectful. And i hear ya joe, i see a lot of disrespect on all sides of many different kinds of arguments on this forum. And i appreciate a heated debate pretty much all of the time, which is why i always read the political threads even if i don't jump into all of the discussions, i just wish EVERYONE ON THIS FORUM could state their opinion without necessarily putting everyone else down. There will always be people intolerant of opinions other than their own. But i think that this forum, for the most part, is not "hating" you joe. I both agree and disagree with you on varying topics. but when i disagree, i dont hate. Sometimes i pipe in and DISCUSS my opposing viewpoint, but would never say "what you believe is plain wrong". but i also wouldn't start a thread off putting an entire group of people down.... it wasn't what i wanted to see 15 minutes after waking up. thats not what i come here for. I come here to share ideas with, and support, fellow vegans. I guess i'll get off my holier than though horse now There should probably be a EVERYONE GET ALONG, OR ELSE thread started on this board. hahaha. carry on.
  12. I will say that this is offensive. And I'm not pointing fingers at you joe, you didnt write it, but i dont see much truth in the liberal side. it's so ridiculously generalizing that its just stupid. I read all of the politics posts with an open mind and to try and see things the way others do, but i think re-posting chain emails in the politics section is pretty silly. I dont think its funny or amusing, I just think its stereotyping of liberals, and glorifying or conservatives. I dont know, I'm not actually mad or upset about it-just perplexed as to what the point of this was, if not just to cause friction?
  13. Anytime anyone has allergies that come to my bar, they are sent to me! hahaha! i like to help out. +1....soul crushing, aint it? But to RAINRA, it depends on who the person is for me. I would never pay for meat with my ex or my close family and they understood why. But in business situations, formalities usually win.
  14. Jake's-its the oldest and nicest. the nines is new and pretty posh, but a little cold and sterile. you wouldnt want that now would you? Jake's is the best imho and not just because i worked there....it just is.
  15. Addai- I agree with you and im about as liberal as they come. i believe that universal healthcare is better than what we have now-BUT i couldnt possibly agree with you more that this "solution" is more of dealing with a symptom of the much bigger problem, than actually dealing with the problem itself-that healthcare in this country is RIDICULOUS
  16. I am looking for recipes that will hold for the week. or recipes that can be mostly prepared in advance and maybe thrown in the oven when its time to eat. you see, life has been extremely busy with giacomo and i both working everyday and cooking hasn't been happening so much. so we're working our asses off, only to spend it on convenience foods that are less than healthy. help?
  17. this thread is ridiculous. aryan, if you dont want to be vegan, then that is your choice. ethics are unique from person to person. being vegan is often times inconvenient in this culture-in fact just the other day i was enjoying some buffalo style tofu nuggets when i realized that the sauce i was using had "natural butter flavorings". that was it. done eating. it was a mistake, i'm not gonna beat myself up over, but as soon as i was aware, i stopped because those are my ethics. some people would say it was unethical to throw away the food (which it probably is). I composted it, but whatever. My point here is, we do the best we can with what we've got. You do what you feel. If you feel like you would own chickens and love them and have a mutual relationship, then fine. no one can make you do otherwise, but its not vegan by definition alone. Ethics, like the rest of things in life, are not black and white. Decisions are yours and yours only to make. Do what youre going to do, but please, PLEASE stop trying to justify what youre going to do because you are making some stretches here with your logic and making yourself look foolish. We have several lacto/ovo vegetarians on this board and we support them because they are here to listen, learn, ask questions, give feedback, etc. but to come to a place for vegans and twist logic around to justify your actions is just silly. you do not need our approval. only you know what is right for your life.
  18. i still can't upload anything cuz i am technologically challenged, but i just spent the afternoon making some sweet hoooooooooooooops. i love days off. Also giacomo and i had an awesome talk last night about some mental blocks that i seem to have as far as shutting my brain down every now and then (i really dont know how). No real solid conclusion but certainly things to ponder about my ability (or lack thereof) to let go. hopefully a video in the near future.
  19. i agree marcina. its funny-im a really positive person. super positive in so many ways, but there seems to be this part of me that always wants to beat myself up. that doesnt feel like im doing enough. and it doesnt help that there are some naysayers as well if you know what i mean. day by day my friend. day by day. been hooping it up all day. and im trying so hard to upload videos from my blackberry because i would love to post something!
  20. http://i28.tinypic.com/2rg2rnd.jpg me and giacomo during vv08--ahhhh we were falling in loooooooooooooooove
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