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  1. wow pretty active there. i'm new to the board as well. good to meet you friend.
  2. michael, about the zma, as you probably know, it's purpose is to boost endogenous testosterone. it will only help you if you are deficient in the minerals that are in the product (zinc, magnesium, and vitamin b6 or 12) so, if it worked for you once, i'd go ahead and try it again. i beleive that vegetarians are defecient in these so this might be a great product for us to take.
  3. the old guy might have been serge nubret, a bb in the 70's (you might remember him from pumping iron, came in 2nd to arnold at the 75 olympia.) i didn't see the special, but serge still competes and looks incredible for his age. about the effects of AAS, they seemed to have left out some very important factors such as increased hypertension, which, if strikes an unlucky person with heart problems unbeknownst to him at the time..well..oops. also, long term AAS use negatively affects just about everyone. they just mentioned the lucky ones to state their claim lol. the point is that the use of AAS is dangerous in both the short and long terms. Whether to use them or not depends on your own priorities. and yes, injectables are safer than orals...easier on kidneys, liver etc.
  4. yea michael, creadrive (lol saw that the other day) and the like were the products that i was referring to. good to know you just bought pure monohydrate. about the bloat, i often get a feeling like that with preworkout or postworkout supplements. i think it's because i'm in a hurry to drink them, resulting in my "downing" the whole thing. try just sipping on the stuff, and if you continue to feel bloated, it may be the creatine itself. in which case, you can cut the serving down to 3g/day instead of 5 or 10
  5. yea man sounds like gyno. if loosing the fat in that area throguh lower chest training, diet , and cardio doesn't get rid of it, you might want to try a product called 6 oxo, or nolvadex, both are anti-estrogens and should help with your problem. peace
  6. natural blonde, first of all, if you know the pictured woman, you may want to ask her if she supplements with any muscle-building or fat burning agents such as: clenbuterol, winstrol, deca-durabolin etc... all of which, by the way, are illegal drugs. also take surgeries into consideration. people have no idea what extremes even fitness models, both male and female, go to. about creatine, 1. no it WILL NOT make you fat. 2. only buy 100% pure creatine monohydrate, don't get the products like cell tech or GNC brand that have sugar in them as well, just take your creatine with grape juice or gatorade to get the same effect. 3. take 5g with gatorade or grape juice immediately after training and first thing in the morning on non-training days.
  7. i long have held my meat-eating against myself, and tonight-today, decided it was time to go vegetarian. i've taken bodybuilding pretty seriosuly this past year (i'm 18 now), and that was the only thing holding me back from goin veg. i figured though that i couldn't be the best bodybuilder in the world (genetics, drugs, SYNTHOL haha,) and might as well set my sights toward more pertinent and noble goals such as animal rights and its relative causes. i still plan to take bodybuilding very seriosuly though and am extremely glad to happen upon this site. hope to make some good friends and find some good advice here. greetings again everyone
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