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  1. Forgot about this thread! I've met Ms. Steffapeppa and she does not look/act anywhere near 40! She's definitely a youngin' all over <3
  2. Hey Robert! I had a lapse but I'm back on track! Those Philly pictures were so sickening UGH! Did 30 Day Shred L1, TurboJam 20 minute, 45 push ups and 67 crunches
  3. Very inspirational! I have quite a bit to lose and definitely look at your pictures for inspiration
  4. Stopping by early...I'll be in the club in January
  5. I don't know how I missed this 8 x 25 = 200 on knees so 100 34,570
  6. Did 30 Day Shred Level 2, Banish Fat Boot Metabolism and 200 push ups
  7. Last week didn't turn out quite how I thought so back to Jillian rotation. So that I don't overtrain I'm not going to do Jari but cardio mostly Tae Bo and Tae Bo abs Sunday--150 push ups Monday--30DSL1, Celebrity Fit Cardio, Tae Bo Abs, 150 push ups Tuesday--30DSL1, NMTZ, 150 push ups
  8. Love it Vegan Joe! Thanks! Never did stop in last week. I think my body needed the rest after going hard since it hasn't done it in quite a long time. But I did get a few workouts in. On Monday I did Extremely Ripped Workout 1 and Cardio Party 1 and Wednesday I did 30DSL1. This week I decided to do something a bit different and do a Beachbody based routine. I'm not fond of a few of the workouts so I'll be subbing them but the Weights I'll do as I do like them. I didn't get the workout in tonight so I'll start tomorrow. The 6th day is Yoga so that's not a biggie if I don't get to it or might be able to add that conditioning on another day. And the 7th day is rest, but my rest days are Sundays so that falls into place OK
  9. LOL! Yes that is very true! I'm definitely working on my consistency not just in working out but keeping my journal Thursday--I did 30 Day Shred Level 1 and NMTZ Friday--I did Slim and Lean, Ab Hits Combo #3, CPR and 275 push ups...only 272 were scheduled but what's 3 more at that point . This week has gone pretty good...not sure if I'm going to tag it on tomorrow or do it Sunday but I think I'm going to add a conditioning workout. I have several in the 8 to 30 minute range but even with the hour or longer ones, using the laptop it's set to start where I left off so if I had to break them up I could start back where I left off.
  10. Did Extremely Ripped Workout 2, Cathe Ab Hits combo 2, Cardio Party 2 and 245 push ups
  11. TY Viva Had an "easy" night with 30 Day Shred L1 and NMTZ. Even on it's own NMTZ is a killer but I'll definitely be taking it light/no weights. I still hate the surrenders but PTL there's only 12 (6 each circuit).
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