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  1. Helloooo I'm new here, 27, with a toddler. After struggling to keep a routine for the last 3 years (1 of those years pregnant and the rest adjusting and finding the motivation and time) I finally feel that I'm back on track, and I am looking to get back in shape (even better shape) I once had when I played sports 7 years ago!! Woah, time does fly!! I currently weight 115, not even as a teenager was I so skinny. Back then I never took supplements. Now I added protein a few months ago due to my lifestyle and eating habits. I quit sugar almost 2 months ago! H5! It's hard, but feels great! I've been researching on BCAA's, Glutamine, and other supplements to take to help my body get the results I want. I've currently managed to do weights late at night. Get home take a protein shake, sometimes a small snack and go to bed. Is it a good idea to add BCAA's to my post-workout shake along with glutamine since it's before bed? I am also working on doing a few cardio days in the morning and taking BCAA before that. Should I add another protein shake throughout the day? It's been a month since I started working out and I'm already seeing small results, mostly in my upper body, which is great. I do want to see results in my lower body. Patience, for a former volleyball player. What do you recommend. I'm feeling a little lost and have confused myself with lots of info around. Thank you so much!
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